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Updated May 26, 2016 - 1:23 PM EDT
Fearing Kurds, Many Raqqa Arabs Side With ISIS
  Russia Halts Strikes on Syrian al-Qaeda, Citing Rebel Requests
  Kurdish Spokesman: No Plans to Attack ISIS Capital of Raqqa
ISIS 'Disappearing' From Fallujah Outskirts
  Citizens Trapped in Fallujah Fear Destruction as Govt Forces Advance
  Sistani Urges Restraint in Offensive Against Fallujah
State Dept Faults Clinton for Emails and Security
EU Nations Ignore Egypt Arms Embargo, Fuel Junta Killings
Taliban Appoints Top Religious Scholar as New Leader
US: New Israeli Coalition Raises 'Legitimate Questions'
Cowgirl Diplomacy? Foreign Policy Under Hillary Clinton  by Mel Gurtov
Palestinian Media and the Search for a Common Story  by Ramzy Baroud
ISIS Unleashes Death Squads as Iraqi Forces Advance on Fallujah  by Patrick Cockburn
Do Clinton Voters Care About War?  by Lucy Steigerwald
Congress Denies Justice to 9/11 Victims' Families  by Daniel R. DePetris
More Game-Playing on MH-17?  by Robert Parry

More Viewpoints

Ex-9/11 Commissioner Won't Rule Out Saudi Royal Family Foreknowledge of 9/11 Plot
Egyptair Crash: Forensics Chief Denies Explosion Claim
Does Obama Administration Oppose Key Iran Bill?
'American Sniper' Chris Kyle Distorted Military Record
US Nuclear Force 'Still Uses Floppy Disks'
Swedish Court Denies Detention Hearing Request by Assange
Mounting Concerns for Fallujah Residents; 259 Killed in Iraq
Christians Who Fled ISIS Fearful to Return Home
Russian Military Denies ISIS Destroyed Its Helicopters
An Interview With One of Aleppo's Last Doctors
Hezbollah in 'Worst Financial Shape in Decades,' US Says
Lebanese Citizenship Law Strips Women of Identity and Property
Car Bomb Kills Three Security Force Members in Turkey's Mainly Kurdish Region
Russia Accuses Turkey of Supplying ISIS Extremists
Report Slams Israel's Military Law Enforcement System
Avigdor Lieberman Named as Israel's Defense Minister
Jewish Home Warns It Will Sink Coalition Deal Over Cabinet Reform
Palestinians: With Liberman, Israel Threatens Regional Stability
Israeli Rights Group Accuses Military of Whitewashing Soldiers' Abuses
Israel Won't Return Bodies of Palestinian Attackers
High Court Opens Door to Recognition of Non-Orthodox Conversions in Israel
Hamas Planning to Execute 13 Convicted Murderers
Middle East
Yemeni Officials: Airstrike Kills 11 From Same Family
Saudi Says Talks With Iran on Hajj 'Positive'
Ten Killed in Suicide Attack Near Afghan Capital
Afghan Draft Law Must Stop Punishing Women Over 'Moral Crimes': Rights Group
Japan PM Protests Okinawa Crime to Obama, Who Promises Cooperation
Japanese PM Shinzo Abe: No Plans to Go to Pearl Harbor
New Vietnam PM Says Won't Pursue Military Buildup in South China Sea
Vietnamese Dissident a Reluctant Tourist During Obama Visit
Philippine Death Squads Very Much in Business as Duterte Set for Presidency
An American Soldier Defected to North Korea. Now His Sons Are Propaganda Stars.
ISIS 'Falsely Claiming' Attacks in Bangladesh
The War at Home
GOP Senators Propose Sending ISIS Fighters to Gitmo
FBI 'Set Up' Our Sons, Somali-American Defendants' Mothers Say
Questions Swirl Around 28 Pages Declassification Process
US Prosecutors Say Businessman With 'Close Ties' to Turkey's Erdogan Poses Flight Risk
Russian Banker Accused by US of Spy Role Gets Two-And-A-Half Years in Prison
Military Training Wakes Beech Grove Residents Early Tuesday Morning
Refugee Crisis
Europe' Migrant Deal With Turkey May Be Unraveling, but It Was Flawed From the Start
European Migrant Crisis: Capsized Boat Horror Caught on Camera
Clearout of Greek Refugee Camp Should Reopen Economic Artery
Kenya Says Its Troops Kill 21 Al Shabaab Fighters in Somalia
Kenya's Opposition Suspends Anti-Election Body Protests
Kenya Refugee Camps: Somalia President Warns Against Closure
Fresh Mau Mau Damages Claim Against UK Government in Court
Germany, France Hold Back NATO, EU Ambitions in Libya
EU Naval Force Can Train Libyan Coastguard in 14 Weeks: Admiral
Rights Group: 2 Aid Workers Kidnapped in Eastern Congo
UN Concerned by Rising Political Tension in Congo Ahead of Vote
Egypt Refuses Entry to Cairo-Based French Journalist
Extremist Attack on Health Post in Niger Kills 6
UN Condemns Killing of Slovakian Nun in Volatile South Sudan
Retired Burundian Officer Killed Amid Tension Over Presidency
Activists Hope Mauritania Court Rulings Signal 'Beginning of the End' for Slavery
UN Lifts Last Sanctions on Liberia in Sign of Support
Guinean Sailors Arrested After Clash With Sierra Leone Navy
Blair's Journey From 45-Minute Claim to 'Qualified Apology' Over Iraq
As Brexit Vote Looms, Brits Scramble for German Passports
Swedish Parliament Ratifies NATO Accord Amid Russia Tensions
Moscow Frees Ukraine Pilot in Swap for Russians Held in Conflict
Azerbaijan Court Orders Release of Investigative Journalist
Colombia: Missing Journalist May Not Be Hostage of Rebels
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