Updated July 24, 2003 — 4:00 pm EST

Today's Headlines 7/24/03

U.S. Uses B-52 to Bomb Afghan Guerrillas

Arid Afghan Province Proves Fertile for Taliban
On the Afghanistan-Pakistan Border, the Taliban are Regrouping, Bent on Spreading Terror
Taliban Claim to Kill 14 Afghan and US Soldiers
Washington's Afghan Plan Unravels
Afghan Minister Warns U.S. Credibility at Stake
Three Attacks on US Forces in Afghanistan
Bomb Explodes in Afghanistan
UN Tells Afghanistan to Reform Defense Ministry
Afghan, Pakistan Forces Trade Fire at Border
Suspected Rocket Attack Near Afghan Air Base
Plan Afghanistan
Negligence in Afghanistan
Afghan Poppies Proliferate
British Troops Head to Northern Afghanistan
Afghanistan Arrests Top Official of Ousted Taliban
Karzai Apologizes For Attack on Pakistan Embassy
Germany to Extend Mandate in Afghanistan By at Least One Year
American General Appeals for More Afghanistan Aid
Pakistan Closes Embassy in Afghanistan Amid Protests, Unrest
Afghanistan Investigates Pakistan Border Incursions
8 Killed in Afghanistan
15 Taliban Killed in Clash with Afghan Troops
Afghan Fighting Shifts as Taliban Retreat in South
Inside Afghanistan: The Warlords Are Reaping the Spoils ...
... While the Afghans Await the Promised Aid
Afghanistan Aboil
Attacks in Afghanistan Doubled in May: ISAF Commander
Afghan Killed by Own Explosives in Kabul
Afghan Rebel Leader Vows to Oust U.S.
Musharraf Urges Foreign Troops Pullout From Afghanistan Upon Return of Stability
Afghanistan's Lack of Security
Afghanistan's Future, Lost in the Shuffle
Three Rockets Fired at UN Office in Afghanistan
Bomb Explodes in Afghanistan Mosque; 16 Wounded
Britain's Straw Sees Security as Key Afghan Issue
U.S. Troops in Firefight With Insurgents in Afghanistan
U.S. Soldier Dies in Afghanistan Vehicle Incident
Britain to Send More Troops to Afghanistan
Karzai Shrugs Off Taliban War Council
Afghan Soldier Wounded in Firefight
US Shooting in the Dark in Afghanistan
Special Forces Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Taliban Regroups - On The Road
Call For Germany to Quit Afghanistan
Afghan Massacre: The Convoy of Death
U.N. Envoy Calls for More Peacekeepers in Afghanistan
Two Afghan Soldiers Killed in Taliban Attack
Karzai: Bin Laden May Be on Afghan-Pakistan Border
Two Journalists Released in Afghanistan
Bin Laden in Pakistan?
Commitment Waning in Afghanistan?
More Hidden Weapons Turn Up in Afghanistan
U.S. Probes Death of Prisoner in Afghanistan
Taliban Names Anti-U.S. Leadership Council
Mortar Fire Targetted at US Troops in Kunduz
US Hails 'Success' of Anti-Taliban Border Operation
Afghanistan: Karzai Fails on Press Freedom
2 Bomb Blasts Hit City North of Kabul
U.S. Reinforces Afghanistan Border Area Against Insurgents
Kabul's Leader Confronts His Deadline
U.S. Base Attacked for First Time in Afghan North
U.S. Launches Operation in Afghanistan
Afghanistan Regains Its Title as World's Biggest Heroin Dealer
Seven Rockets Fired at US Base in Afghanistan
Afghanistan Rapped Over Arrests of Journalists
US Losing the Peace in Afghanistan
US Troops Deploy in Eastern Afghanistan After Ambush
Casualties Likely on New Afghan Mission, Minister Warns
US Troops Come Under Attack in Afghanistan
U.S. Forces Detain 15 Men in Afghanistan
Battle to Save Afghanistan's Shattered Heritage
Musharraf Warns of Threat in Afghanistan
U.S. Risks Losing Afghanistan Peace - Report
UN Urged To Expand Security Forces in Afghanistan
UN Shuns a Third of Afghanistan Due To Violence
Afghanistan in the Grip of Opium
U.S. Pressed to Back Stronger Afghan Security Force
Three Die Planting Bomb in Afghanistan
Rocket Attacks on U.S. Bases in Afghanistan
Afghan Leader Faces Biggest Challenge of His Rule
Taleban Warn of Suicide Attacks on Foreign Troops in Afghanistan

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