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May 3rd, 2012

US Study Cites Worries on Readiness for Cyberattacks Venezuela Says Latin America Should Create Human Rights Commission, Exclude United States
Brazil Sending More Troops to Guard Amazon Borders Activist Chen Guangcheng Says China Not Honoring Deal With US Officials
Recovered bin Laden Letters Show a Divided Al Qaeda US-India Economic Ties Buffeted by Populist Politics
Iraq: Hashemi Trial Postponed, but Not Related Violence Israel Gets 4th Nuke-Capable German Submarine
India Toughens Stance on Siachin: Pakistan 3 Journalists Slain in Mexico's Veracruz State
Colin Powell Says Iraq 'Blot' Teaches Need for Skepticism Iraq Vice-President's Death Squad Trial Postponed
Hackers Should Be Rewarded for Showing Defense Breaches, Says UK Military Chief Ecowas Warn Mali, Bissau Juntas, Prepares Troops
US Fumbles With Chinese Activist Seeking Asylum as China Condemns 'interference' Rand Paul Has a Quick Fix for TSA : Pull the Plug
Pakistan Wants Alternative to Drone Attacks: Foreign Office Inside Yida - the Sudan Aid Camp on the Brink of Disaster
Syrian Forces 'Raid University' Tunisia's Islamic Hardliners Score Victory in Television Trial
Osama Worried About Civilians Deaths Time to Try Another Tactic in Syria, Says White House
Iraq Parliament to Demand Full Report on Kuwaiti Talks, MP bin Laden Was Worried About Civilians Deaths
Dismembered Bodies of 2 Journalists Found in Mexico Chen Calls Into Congressional Hearing: Get Me Out of China
Israel Commits Minor Violation of Lebanon Border State Department: We Did Not Relay Threats to Chen
Chinese Dissident Is Released From Embassy, Causing Turmoil for US Tibi Treats Fainting Palestinian Prisoner in Court
Documents Show Tense Al Qaeda-Iran Relationship Gunmen Fire on Nigeria Cattle Market, 60 Killed
Nepal Leader to Form New Coalition Government Afghan Negotiator Seeks to Build Bridge Between US, Taliban
Kenya's Raila Odinga Warns of Ethnic Election Violence EU Imposes Sanctions on Guinea-Bissau Coup Leaders
Bosco 'Terminator' Ntaganda Wanted Over Dr Congo Mutiny Somali Reporter Shot Dead in Galkayo
Tunisia Fines TV Channel Owner Over Controversial Film White House Presses for Renewal of FISA Surveillance Authority
Libya Lifts Ban on Religious Parties as Voters Register Olympic Games 'Not Immune' to Cyber-Attack
UN Sanctions Three North Korea Firms Over Rocket Launch India Maoists Free Abducted Official Alex Paul Menon
Blasts Hit Police Post in Capital of Russia's Restive Dagestan Region Egypt's Military Council 'Committed' to Civilian Rule
Nigeria's Potiskum Cattle Market Raid 'Kills Dozens' Syrian Students 'Killed at Aleppo Protest'
Osama bin Laden Documents Released UK: Police Remove Last Anti-War Protest Tent Near Parliament
Google Street View Exposes Secret Israeli Base Palestinian Convicts on Hunger Strike Must Leave Bed to See Lawyer, Israel Prison Service Says
Rabid Afghan Dog Bite Kills US Soldier Afghanistan: Pakistani Driving Truck Bomb Arrested
Fallout of bin Laden Raid: Aid Groups in Pakistan Are Suspect Israel and the Walls That Surround It
Kyrgyzstan: US Base Fate Not Only About Money F-15 Crashes in Middle East, Crew Ejects Safely
John Yoo, Bush's Torture Lawyer, Given Immunity Death Toll From Nigeria Cattle Market Attack 56 - Hospital Nurse
Kuwait Close to Death Penalty Law for Blasphemy

May 2nd, 2012

Unmasked: Meet the FBI's Bridge Bomb Plot Snitch Some Pilots Refuse to Fly F-22 Raptor Fighter Jet
Taliban Dismiss US-Afghan Pact as 'Illegitimate' Israel's Military Censor to Monitor Facebook, Twitter, Blogs
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