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May 11th, 2012

Oil Likely to Stay High Despite Good Supply: IEA Hospital: 17 Wounded After Police Attack Opposition Rally in West African Nation of Guinea
Official: Hundreds of South Sudanese Fleeing Into Uganda to Escape Violence in South Sudan UN Refugees Chief Says Humanitarian Crises Are Becoming Worse, Especially in Africa
Clashes Resume in Eastern Congo, as New Rebel Group Refuses to Put Down Arms UN: South Sudan Pulls Its Police Force Out of Disputed Abyei Region on the Border With Sudan
Pentagon to Expand Cybersecurity Program for Defense Contractors Chen Guangcheng's Nephew Charged With Voluntary Manslaughter
Egypt Election Dominated by Question of Islam Algerians Skeptical of Election Results Favoring Party in Power
Iraq's Maliki Forced to Reinstate His Deputy PM Iran Promotes Its Candidate for Next Shi'ite Leader
Lebanese PM Says No Violations to Financial Sanctions Against Syria, Iran Israeli Recon. Plane Violates Lebanese Airspace
Bahrain Cleric Dismisses Government Threats Mortar Round Kills Four Kids in Khyber
US Officials at Mexican Border Accused of Widespread Human Rights Abuses Muslim Group: Fire Joint Forces College Teacher
Yemen: US Increasing Involvement With Troops and Drones Canada's Participation in Libya Mission Cost $347 Million
Civilian Deaths in Afghanistan Fall 20 Percent, Says UN Iraq's Fugitive VP Has Medical Checks in Turkey
US Resumes Bahrain Arms Sales Despite Rights Concerns Pentagon Instructor Urged Total War With Islam
WHO Urges Israel to Act on Palestinian Hunger-Strikers Open Supply Routes or You May Miss Chicago Summit, NATO Tells Pakistan
Al-Qaeda Adds Wild Card to Syrian Conflict Afghan Soldier Kills US Soldier, Wounds Two Others
2 Killed, 15 Arrested in Salah Al-Din Province Free Iraqiya Does Not Support Withdrawing Confidence From Maliki
TSA : NJ Toddler on No-Fly List Was Clear for Takeoff When Pulled From Jetblue Flight ISI, CIA Help Led to Qaeda Targets: PM
US Suspends Anti-Islam Military Course Nato: Pakistan Not Invited to Chicago Summit
Hezbollah Backs Proportional Representation for 2013 Polls Nasrallah: Hezbollah Can Hit Any Target in Israel
Hamas Shuts Down Gaza Literary Festival, Only to Later Apologize Kansas Senate Approves Bill Banning Muslim, Other Foreign Laws From Kansas Courts
Appeals Court Revives Iraq Contractor Torture Cases Chicago Police to Deploy Range of Protest Tactics
USC to Award Degrees to Japanese Students Interned During WWII British WWII Fighter Plane Found in Egyptian Desert
Ahead of Nakba Day, Palestinians Take Measures to Avoid Confrontation With Israel Algerian Government Parties Dominate Elections
In Chen's Frightened Village, Surveillance Increases, Thugs Keep Outsiders at Bay Indian Intelligence Blunder Sparks Anger in Pakistan, Jokes at Home
Pirates 'Seize' Greek-Owned Tanker Off Oman Iraq Oil Output Beating Iran Ends Saddam Legacy
Nigeria Island Prison Offers Nation's Dark History Algeria Ruling Party Snubs Arab Spring to Win Election
New Tunisia Constitution Ready in October: Speaker Israel Frets on Sideline as Fall of Assad Delayed
UN Adopts Historic 'Land Grab' Guidelines Protest in Philippines Over South China Sea Stand-Off
Pentagon Condemns 'War on Islam' US Training Class Congo Clashes as 'Terminator' Ntaganda Deadline Expires
'No Progress' on China Dissident Chen Guangcheng's Passport Bomb Attack Foiled in Aleppo: Syria State TV
15 Muslim Americans Challenge 'No Fly' List in Appeals Court More Spies in US Than Ever, Says Ex-Cia Officer
Cuba Proposes US Release Cuban 5 in Exchange for Alan Gross Iran Helps Release of Turkish Reporters in Syria
Judge Rejects Effort to Open CIA Volume on Failed Bay of Pigs Invasion Pentagon: US Doing All It Can to Find Pow Soldier
Afghan Soldier Kills US Colleague: Afghan Official Afghan Commanders Show New Defiance in Dealings With Americans

May 10th, 2012

Ex-Official's Drive in China Leads to Torture Inquiry
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