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October 8th, 2012

Despite International Criticism, Iraq Continues Exectutions Families of South Korean Sailors Held by Somali Pirates Ask Seoul for Help
Philippines and US Start Joint Exercises From Discontent to Violence at Kabul College
In France, Jews and Muslims Warn of Anti-Semitism Westerners With Syrian Ties Trickle in to Help Rebels
Strict New Procedures for Iran Currency Trading After Protest North Korea Says South, US Are Within Missile Range in Response to Seoul's Extended Missile Range
Zetas Suspect Blamed by Mexico for Mass Jailbreaks, Slaughter of Migrants, Killing of US Man Mexican Prosecutors Allege City Police Commander Played Role in Slaying of Governor's Nephew
10 Years After Bali, Indonesian Terror Attacks on Rise, but Militants Showing Less Skill Egypt Studying Proposals for Sinai Bedouin Police Force, but Critics Warn of a Militia State
Plunge of Iran's Currency Slows as Rial Appears to Be Holding at Rebound Level From Weekend Midnight Blast Rattles District in Syrian Capital
Attack on US Mission in Libya Presents Legal, Policy Dilemma for Obama Administration Chinese Telecom Firms Huawei and Zte Pose Security Threat, Congressional Investigators Say
Maliki 'Seeks $5b Arms Deal With Russia' Ex-US Security Team Leader in Libya: 'We Needed More, Not Less' Security Staff
Illinois Man Faces Terrorism Charge in Oklahoma Bomb Plot Yemen Busts Iran Spies Posing as Investors: Ministry
Egypt President Issues Decree to Pardon Protesters Nigerian Soldiers Open Fire After Blast, 35 Killed
Libya's Bani Walid Is Shelled in Standoff Over Rebel's Death Syria Looms Over Iraq PM's Moscow Visit
Narcoboss 'Commander Squirrel' Linked to American's Mystery Death on Falcon Lake Libya's Bani Walid Is Shelled in Standoff Over Rebel's Death
Turkey Hits Back After Syria Shell Boy Killed, 15 Injured in Quetta Blast
Middle East Canadians Fear Having Citizenship Revoked Maliki From Moscow: Iraq Will Not Become Part of the Fire Near Its Borders With Syria
10,000 Will Die if Israel Attacks Iran, Says Former Revolutionary Guard Commander Turkish Jets Reportedly Strike PKK Bases in Iraq
Pakistan Terms Karzai Comments Misplaced 12 Injured in Quetta Blast
Damascus Knows Ankara Can't Afford to 'Go a Step Further' Saudis, Syrians Among 8 Kidnapped in Yemen
Fatah: Palestinians Have Not Abandoned Armed Struggle Arabs Stone Police on Temple Mount
Jordanian Border: Palestinian Tried to Smuggle Snakes Into Israel Unifil: No Drone Detected Crossing From Lebanon Into Israel
Cyberattacks Against US Rising Unchecked Cisco Drops ZTE After Claims of Sanction-Busting Iran Sales
Killing Iranian Scientists Is Terrorism: US Official Turkish Jets Strike PKK Bases in Iraq
US Air Force's 1950s Supersonic Flying Saucer Declassified Iranian FM: if Israel Wanted to Attack, It Would Have Long Ago
Albania Ex-Political Prisoner Sets Himself on Fire More Than 30 Civilians Killed by Nigeria Military
'Terrorist Threat' Forces China Plane to Land Hamas Hits Back Following Israeli Airstrike
Guard: Security in Libya Cut Before Benghazi Attack With Military Suicides Rising, a Focus on Private Weapons
'Saudi Weapons' Seen at Syria Rebel Base Iran X.25 Terrorists Actually Bankers
Romney Offers Vague Rhetoric in 'Major' Foreign Policy Speech Suspect Charged in Ohio Mosque Arson
Car Bomb Hits Afghan Intelligence Office, Kills 2 Pakistan: Bomb Kills 1 Person, Wounds 10
Panetta to Latin America: Use Police Not Military for Enforcement Jews in France Fear Wave of Attacks
Decade After Bali, Indonesian Terror Aims at Government Benefits Outweigh Risks in Philippines Peace Deal
Ethiopia: Independent Papers Say Government Banned Them Turkey Retaliates for 6th Day of Syrian Shelling
Niger Wants Joint Patrol on Nigeria Border Rebels Shell Sudan Oil State Capital
Iran Scorns Israeli Air Defenses, Complains of Cyber Attack Iran Says It Blocks Cyberattack on Oil Platforms
Turkey Returns Fire After Syria Attack: Official Afghanistan's Government 'Could Collapse' After 2014: Icg
WikiLeaks' Julian Assange Supporters Ordered to Pay Somalia's Al-Shabab Militants Ban Islamic Relief Aid
South Kordofan: 'Rebel Shells Kill Five' in Sudan Town 21 Egypt Forces Killed in Sinai Vehicle Accident
Israel Launches Strikes on Gaza After Rocket Fire Iranian Foreign Minister: 'Assad Poses No Threat to the Middle East'
Outgoing Red Cross Chief in Afghanistan Has Bleak Outlook for Resolution of War Drone Flight Shows Israel Is Vulnerable: Iran Military Official

October 7th, 2012

End of Surge Means Escalation of Special Forces Attacks in Afghanistan
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