Background on Kosovo

These links are not meant to be exhaustive, but rather a growing list of resources and links to news, actions, publications, and organizations opposing American intervention in Yugoslavia, as well as background and ammuntion for activists which may originate from pro-war sources. The Committee Against U.S. Intervention takes no responsibility for what is posted on these sites. If you would like to comment or to suggest a site, please email us.

NY Times Article on Kosovo Atrocities from 1987

Interactive Kosovo Map

Jane's Defence Information

Library of Congress Yugoslavia Information

Background on KLA

CIA Factbook on Serbia & Montenegro

The Balkans: Lies Vs. Facts

Col. David Hackworth

International Strategic Studies Association

The New Millennium

Legal Guide to the Kosovo Conflict

Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

Yugoslavia Federal Secretariat of Information

Defense & Foreign Affairs

Kosovo and Metohija

Federal Statistical Office of Yugoslavia

Serbian Ministry of the Interior

Text of Executive Order Banning Trade with Yugoslavia

Facts About Civil Wars in the Former Yugoslavia

by Dr. Rajko Dolecek

Text of the "Peace Treaty" Rejected by Yugoslavia

FAQ from the Academic Information Network of Yugoslavia

The Kosovo Flashpoint

Congressional Testimony on Kosovo

by William Dorich

Yugoslavia Links

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