Gene Berman for Congress


The Republican Budget Proposal calls for spending 12.1 trillion dollars over the next 7 years, which represents a 35% growth in the Federal Government. The Democrats have proposed 13.1 trillion dollars in Federal spending over the same period.

Such spending proposals are irresponsible as the Federal Government heads for bankruptcy. Instead we need to cut the Federal Government down to size.

Ending Federal grants for education, welfare, law enforcement and public works would cut 150 billion dollars a year out of the Federal budget. Ending the Federal role in education and welfare would make possible abolition of the Department of Education and the Department of Human Services.

Farm subsidies go mainly to corporate farms, not to family farmers. Ending subsidies would restore a free market in food and save 17 billion dollars a year. We can abolish the Department of Agriculture.

Abolition of the Department of Energy would save 4 billion dollars a year, and end Federal Government support for nuclear power.

The Cato Institute has identified 80 billion dollars in corporate welfare which can be eliminated. We can begin by abolishing the Department of Commerce, the Export-Import Bank and the Small Business Administration. Cutting taxes and regulations will do more to promote commerce than will the business subsidies administered by these agencies.

We can cut hundreds of billions of dollars in domestic federal programs. Additional savings can be achieved by ending attempts to police the world, and by eliminating aid to foreign governments.

For real cuts in Federal spending, vote Libertarian in 1996!