Policy Analysis

Proposition 215--An In-Depth Look-On November 5, 1996, you can help make life easier for tens of thousands of sick people in California. You can vote Yes on Proposition 215, and give doctors the right to prescribe marijuana as medicine. Proposition 215 - the Compassionate Use Initiative - will allow doctors to prescribe marijuana as part of the treatment of a variety of illnesses. It will allow patients to use marijuana for therapeutic purposes, under a doctor's supervision. Proposition 215 will allow patients to cultivate marijuana for personal medical use. Proposition 215 will not legalize recreational use of marijuana, and it prohibits the diversion of medical marijuana for recreational use.

Saving Our Schools by Choice-Public education is in real trouble in California. Everyone agrees - parents, teachers, public officials-that there are massive problems with the public schools. Students are graduating from high school without the necessary skills to get well-paying jobs. A significant number of high school graduates have trouble with reading and writing.

End Marijuana Prohibition-Every year in the United States, hundreds of thousands of people are arrested for possession of marijuana. Individuals accused of growing or selling marijuana can be sent to prison for years, and can have their car, their house and other property confiscated by the government. Every year, the federal government and the various state and local governments spend billions of tax dollars trying to stop people from growing, selling or using marijuana.

LUDWIG VON MISES: THE CRITIQUE OF SOCIALISM & INTERVENTIONISM- Ludwig von Mises was born in 1881, in Lemberg and grew up as a subject of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. He died in New York City in October of 1973; he was 92. During a long and productive life, he contributed more than anyone, before or since, to the development of that body of theory and analysis which has come to be known as Austrian Economics.

LOWER TAXES THROUGH LESS GOVERNMENT The federal government has become a giant monster, devouring our substance, yet too often failing to deliver on the promises politicians make. Americans will pay more than $1.3 trillion in federal taxes in the coming year, but President Clinton and the bipartisan Congress will run up a deficit of more than $200 billion.

THE TRILATERAL COMMISSION AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER In a speech to Congress and the American people on September 11, 1990, President George Bush outlined the goals his government was pursuing through military intervention in the Middle East. He had in previous statements put forth four goals, including an immediate, unconditional and complete withdrawal of Iraqi forces from Kuwait; the restoration of the Emir of Kuwait to his throne;a permanent commitment to the security and stability of the Persian gulf; and protection of American citizens living abroad.