Gene Berkman for Congress


Whatever the merit of the proposed projects, the state is already massively in debt. The bonds will cost $771 million in interest in addition to principal repayment, and add debt service obligations of $71 million per year.

California has the largest prison population of any state - more than 120,000 inmates, more than half in prison for non-violent drug offenses. We need fewer prisons, not more. These bonds will cost $550 million in interest, and impose debt service obligations of $50 million per year.

We should help veterans, but the cumulated debt of the state of California is too high. These bonds will cost $300 million in interest, with debt service of $28 million per year for 25 years.

Court decisions have upheld the right of wealthy candidates to spend unlimited amounts of their own money on campaigns. Limits on contributions hurt candidates who lack personal wealth. Restrictions on spending are restrictions on free speech.

Makes it easier to sue start-up companies for failing to make enough profit. Would cripple high-tech industry in California.

See argument under Proposition 208.

Marijuana can arrest the advance of glaucoma, relieve nausea associated with cancer therapy, relieve pain from arthritis, rheumatism, menstrual cramps, and can stimulate appetite. You can help people in pain get relief. Vote yes on 215.

Taxes are too high in California already. This would restore income tax rates up to 11% on high income taxpayers. These rates, enacted when Ronald Reagan was Governor, helped fund profligate spending of his Republican successors Deukmeijian and Wilson. We need to eliminate the California Income Tax, not hike it.

Local taxes are out of control. This proposition will require voter approval of new taxes or tax hikes. If people have power to make a choice, they will probably choose lower taxes.

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