Can Anyone Stop This War?

Bush’s order for 20,000 more troops to be sent into the Iraq quagmire has resulted in some additional calls to end this evil war. But who can stop it? Can anyone stop it? Because there is only serious opposition from a few members of Congress, the war will continue to be funded. The public continues to post “support the troops” signs. Evangelical Christian “leaders” continue to make excuses for Bush and his war. The only ones who can stop this war now are the troops themselves. After all, it is the troops who are bringing death and destruction to Iraq, not Bush and the writers at National Review. If they stop, the war will stop. To begin with, all 20,000 bodies of fresh meat should refuse to go to Iraq. Next, every soldier home on leave should refuse to go back. Then–and this will be the most difficult–every soldier in Iraq should try to come home. All this may sound simplistic, but I see no other way of ending the war now, instead of in four more years. If the troops don’t stop it now, the war will eventually end, but how many more American soldiers will needlessly die before it does? And even then, after the U.S. government officially ends the war–what happens next? Will it end like Vietnam with a complete withdrawal of U.S. forces or will it end like Japan and Korea with the permanent deployment of U.S. troops? The billion-dollar embassy in Baghdad leads me to believe that it will be the latter.

Author: Laurence Vance

Laurence Vance holds degrees in history, theology, accounting, and economics. He has written and published twelve books and regularly contributes articles and book reviews to both secular and religious periodicals.

One thought on “Can Anyone Stop This War?”

  1. I can tell you how to stop the war.

    1st you make letters,messages,telling everyone to make a choice of which
    side they are on, for peace or war.

    2nd you make designated sites, for the people of peace to meet,transportation provided
    if needed.No weapons,just people. Those in charge will provide protection food,water and shelter.

    3rd those that choose not to lay down their weapons,choose to die, a open
    battle field, no innocent lives lost. with in 6 months war OVER

    And a brief note: We the american people realize we have shady people over here
    in our goverment just like the rest of the world but and I believe I speak for
    people of ALL races and beliefs, WE JUST WANT TO RAISE OUR CHILDREN AND PROVIDE
    FOOD AND A SAFE PLACE TO LIVE!!! and last and this is what angers me the most
    to those that say we (the U.S) are trying to rule the world, we are always the 1st
    to arrive with help during a natural disaster and if we were really interested
    in ruling as some say, WHO can stand against our military a few well placed nuclear
    bombs and we would rule the world. but the world can rest assured we the people WOULD
    NOT ALLOW our goverment to do it, even if they turned on us,because we are the nation
    that was FOUNDED on FOR THE PEOPLE even if our (U.S)own goverment forgot it WE WILL
    remind them once they go to far.

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