Arnaud de Borchgrave

Antiwar Radio: de Borchgrave

Washington Times Editor-at-Large, Arnaud de Borchgrave discusses his belief that George W. Bush is going to initiate a violent attack on Iran to “save his legacy,” whether Bush’s claims about Iran are true, what the situation might look like to the average Persian.

MP3 here.

During a 30-year career at Newsweek magazine, Arnaud de Borchgrave covered most of the world’s major news events. At 21, he was appointed Brussels bureau chief of United Press International, and three years later he was Newsweek‘s bureau chief in Paris. At 27, he became senior editor of the magazine, a position he held for 25 years. He was appointed editor in chief of the Washington Times and Insight magazine in 1985. He left his post with the Washington Times in 1991, and currently serves as its Editor-At-Large. He served as president and CEO of United Press International from 1999 to January 2001. He is currently serving as Editor-At-Large at UPI. His awards include Best Magazine Reporting from Abroad and Best Magazine Interpretation of Foreign Affairs. In 1981, de Borchgrave received the World Business Council’s Medal of Honor, and in 1985 he was awarded the George Washington Medal of Honor for Excellence in Published Works. While at CSIS he has coauthored Cyber Threats and Information Security: Meeting the 21st Century Challenge (2001); Russian Organized Crime & Corruption: Putin’s Challenge (2000); Cybercrime, Cyberterrorism, Cyberwarfare (1998); Russian Organized Crime (1997); and Global Organized Crime: The New Empire of Evil (1994).