Obligatory Presidents Day Post

We all know what makes presidents great, right?

Taking a partial cue from Jesse Walker, I’ll list my 10 worst presidents in American history. Bush Jr. and Clinton are barred from competition. The links make for good holiday reading if you’re off, and anyway, it’s been a while since I got the full rainbow of hate mail from right to center to left. In chronological order:

1. John Adams

2. Andrew Jackson (Make of this what you will.)

3. Abraham Lincoln (See the link to David R. Henderson above; for opposing views – what you might call damnation by tainted praise – see this and this. And no, I’m not a fan of Jefferson Davis, either.)

4. Theodore Roosevelt (And let’s not forget the man who gave us TR, William McKinley. Today’s warmongers haven’t.)

5. Woodrow Wilson

6. Franklin Roosevelt

7. Harry Truman (And see this.)

8. Lyndon Johnson

9. Richard Nixon

10. George W. Bush (So I broke the rules. Did you read the links above???)