Christopher Deliso

Failed Interventions, Criminal Courts and Lost Liberty: A Report from the Balkans

From Skopje, Macedonia, Christopher Deliso discusses the Balkan Wars, the criminal/farcical international court system, the status of Kosovo, Bill Clinton’s missing mass graves and alliance with Osama, the complete failure of Western intervention to improve anything for anyone, the criminalization of speech in Germany and France and their attempts to foist their “hate” laws on all of Europe, and possible reverberations for our forgotten imperial missions in the event of war with Iran.

MP3 here. (54:00) director Christopher Deliso has lived and traveled widely in SE Europe and has a master’s degree with distinction in Byzantine Studies from Oxford University.

His many Balkan-related articles have appeared in a diverse range of publications, including: The Christian Science Monitor, the Baltimore Sun, the St. Petersburg Times (US), United Press International, the Sydney Morning Herald, the Washington Times,,, Counterpunch!, the Orange County Register, the Power & Interest News Report, Transitions Online, Hidden Europe Magazine,, Kinetic Travel, Traveler’s Tales-Turkey, and Escape from America Magazine.