Giuliani: The Beginning of the End?

Some very interesting details in the 14-count indictment of Berne Kerik, Rudy Giuliani’s protege and recommended nominee for Homeland Security chief, with some serious implications for Rudy’s reputation as the security candidate, are analyzed over at Taki’s Top Drawer. Go on, get over there and check out “Who Is ‘John Doe #7?: Giuliani, Kerik, and the Selling of US National Security.” This could be the torpedo that capsizes the Giuliani campaign.

9 thoughts on “Giuliani: The Beginning of the End?”

  1. If Ghouliani ends up in jail…wow. I’m not even sure how to celebrate so joyous an occassion. If his campaign to be Bushenstein V2.0 implodes without any jailtime, I’ll have to settle for a bottle of scotch. :-)

  2. No worries for Rudy, I’m sure he will win. After all, God must have told Pat Robertson that he will be elected.

  3. “After all, God must have told Pat Robertson that he will be elected.”

    Very true, their God speaks exclusively to Republicans.
    Does he still speaks to George or is he fed up with him for not liberating and civilizing more Muslims?

    1. For all his faults, I don't think he builts a giant bronze idol, put a child in it and set it on fire.

      At first, I misread that as "mollusks" and spent 5 minutes wondering why Pat Robertson would be worshiping seafood.

  4. As far as the Establishment is concerned, it would be no fatal loss to their strategy if Rudy was to go down in flames. After all, they have Hillary to take his place (it’s not as if they care whether their puppet in the White House is a Demopublican or a Republicrat just as long as he/she/it is “one of theirs”). Establishment-owned puppets are fungible; the only issue of importance is to keep Ron Paul out of the White House and to maintain the status quo.

  5. Re: My previous comment about Pat Robertson.


    It was an analogy. Sacrificing babies is synonymous to sending kids to die for no reason in the Mideast because you are trying to serve God.

    Get it??

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