Georgia: Repress As Needed

New York Times headline: “Georgian Leader Says Emergency Rule to Last as Needed.” As needed — for what? Funny you should ask ….

  • Rioni

    For much more on the problems in Georgia, in a thorough and objective presentation by a Georgian human rights activist, please see:

    • Marycatherine Barton

      Thank you so much for this alert about this blogspot. Haunting.

  • subHuman

    It is OK, they are benevolent tyrant working on behalf of anglo-saxon war against Russia which hasn’t gone frontal yet.

    American, British, willing or coerced neo-fascists support those tyrants.

  • Bill K.

    “Double Standards” and “Hypocrisy” are the titles of volumes of the “How to be an Imperialist Viceroy or Propagandist in 10 easy steps” Manual.