Il Duce’s Rural Electrification Program Unsuccessful

Don’t believe the spin about Giuliani writing Iowa off. Nick Bradley looks at campaign appearances vs. votes and finds that Giuliani came in a dismal sixth place, with only 4,000 votes for his 35 appearances. Antiwar and pro-civil liberties candidate Ron Paul, on the other hand, mustered almost three times as many votes with only 75% of Giuliani’s campaign events, putting him second only to Huckabee in votes per event.

Will Fox News now reconsider its ridiculous exclusion of Rep. Paul from Sunday night’s forum?

(For title reference, see this, this, and this.)

UPDATE: Oh, and as for the title, as Michael Brendan Dougherty puts it, “If the bandolier fits…

9 thoughts on “Il Duce’s Rural Electrification Program Unsuccessful”

  1. Incidentally, it is merely by the way, but Saddam Hussein brought an extensive rural electrification program to Iraq, which the US has now just about managed to destroy.

    Under Hussein, the Iraqis were individually armed to the teeth, and that included Shi’ites.

    Question: how do those simple facts belie almost every last drop of US and Israeli and even Saudi Arabian and Kuwaiti and Iranian propaganda?

    Paul’s success is a breath of fresh air.

  2. “Amazing to see how the media is allowing Giuliani to treat Iowa as a crime scene at which he was never present….”

    :D :D :D

    In a way I almost hope Paul isn’t allowed to attend. I think this would actually help him by showing just what a bunch of hypocrites and cowards he is actually dealing with that could produce some blowback of its own.

    Instead, I’d rather see Paul hold his own event outside of this bus Fox is going to use. The idea of several hundred people outside chanting his name while Chris Wallace tries to put on his dog and pony show strikes me as funny and revealing.

    1. Please, may somebody be organizing such a demonstration, representing the power of the people for Paul, and for fair elections. Thanks, Ryan.

  3. Giuliani the warmonger will still be there and Paul won’t. The world will get hear more of Giuliani’s 9/11, Iran, Iraq blah blah every second sentence while what should be heard won’t be.

    Fox will go right on ignoring reality and presenting their own specially crafted pablum for the right-wing masses – that we can count on. It wouldn’t manner if Rudy got no votes at all.

  4. Ron Paul should have been a lawyer instead of a doctor. Then he, like Guiliani, could have been on retainer to Fox and been included in the debate.

    Murdoch should hide his head in shame.

    1. Murdoch has no shame. Nor does his son. Their model is Communist Chinese Fascism, with themselves as the new Mandarins.

      Unlike “Islamo-Fascist”, “Chinese Communist Fascism” actually satisfies Mussolini’s definition of Fascism.

      The Chinese Communists either own or control all the major corporations.

  5. The Ron Paul exclusion offers some good political hay to be made. Huckabee could be baited by bringing in a Christmas angle: No Room in the Inn. Perhaps Dr. Paul could volunteer to sit in the back of the bus. Or, he could take a tip from Lawton Chiles who countered an expensive fund raising dinner of his opponent with a cheap chicken dinner on paper plates, thereby showing his populist credentials. I will be voting for him in the Illinois Primary and also the general election.

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