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  1. That GOP Debate demonstrated why I am not a Republican. This “live-blog” by Justin Raimonda is a must read-see.

    1. Raimondo’s account is indeed worth a look.

      Reading it one immediately thinks of Hunter S. Thompson’s sudden and mysterious demise.

      I think I may have solved it: Thompson killed himself because he was otiose.

      The politicians have now learned how to act out their own version of his fear and loathing.

      And with a straight face.

      How might any satirist, even Thompson, compete with that?


    Something very dirty happened in Louisiana, Ron Paul was completely robbed. I’ll admit I don’t completely understand what happened, but RP was doing really well. Either first or second place. So the stooges created a “Fusion” ticket in which they combined all their votes. Needless to say the fusion ticket beat RP. He was supposed to get a dozen delegates, but not anymore. Those dirty stooges!

  3. Outcome determinators: Closed Ballet, Manipulated Tally, restricted access.

    The constitution permits certain citizens to vote. However, those in charge of the voting must allow the entitled citizen to vote otherwise the outcome is in doubt.

    Merely voting is not enough. The candidate of interest to the voter must be on the ballot and the vote must actually be counted, and after it is counted, that count must be a fair part of the tally from which the election winner is choosen.

    What did the constitution mean? Are citizens to have the power to nominate [open ballet] or does the constitution limit the range of voting alternatives [filter candidates on the ballot by party or state] citizens may vote on?

    Next comes the question of who shall arrange and supervise the elections? Seems to me the issue is how to get the power to arrange and supervise elections away from the two parties and the already elected, or the whatabee elected, or the insiders in local, state, and national elections? Should not the the process of nominating and voting be a thing between human class citizens, not a governmental process, supervisied by a governmental authority.

    Two issues: Open ballot and actual citizen vote tallies!
    Open ballot means anyone who wishes to run for an elected position should be included as a candidate on the ballet, and
    only votes casts by actual living of age human U. S. Citizens should be included in the tallies that determines who is to be elected.

    Machines that allow outcomes to be preset before the election, or manipulated while in the locked tally boxes by satellite controls, or by programs that affect outcome, should not be used unless accurate means are developed to audit the votes and actual audits can accurately confirm the votes by rules acceptable to opposing audit teams and to the human class US. citizen voters.

    To my knowledge no one has discovered a way to audit the machine tallied voting results in a way that satifies anyone, except those, such machines, have erroneously elected.

    The point is: as long as those who stand to win or lose by the outcome are in charge there will always be questions.

    1. This is a key part of Kucinich’s carefully crafted program, and demanding a recount in New Hampshire was part of the same agenda.

      More important, impeachment also is part of his agenda, and a clearly thought out and necessary step.

      If Libertarians and Progressives think they are galaxies apart on certain domestic issues, or on certain ideological items like property, I urge all on every side to consider how much they have in common in regard to what they are against.

      Indeed, even in regard to Kuncinich’s free health care plan, which is keyed on the analysis of the potential risk pool, there may be a way to reconcile the approach with Libertarian principles.

      All that, however, is less important than the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

      After Franklin, we must hang together, or assuredly we will all hang separately.

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