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A ‘Warning’ To Us All

Posted By Michael Austin On October 30, 2008 @ 10:01 pm In News | Comments Disabled

“Patriotism is not pinning a flag pin to one lapel to free up both hands, so you can tear up the U.S. Constitution.”
-Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., in The Warning.

The new production company/website Truthtopower.tv [1] has just released its powerful first film, The Warning [2], featuring exclusive interviews with five recently-published authors Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (Crimes Against Nature [3]), Naomi Wolf (The End of America [4]), Chris Hedges (American Fascists [5]), Naomi Klein (The Shock Doctrine [6]) and Joe Conason (It Can Happen Here [7]). Director/Writer/Producer J.P. Sottile [8] wisely steers clear of cinematic fireworks, keeping a tight focus on the writers’ frightening observations about the subversion and erosion of American Democracy in recent years. Privatized warfare, illegal torture and wiretapping, corporate and religious influence, the ballooning power of the Executive and more are exposed as the film warns just how slippery a slope the U.S. is sliding down. The Warning is an excellent example of the kind of patriotic dissent the country needs right now.
Find out more and get your own copy here [9].

Check the preview below:

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