Obama’s Secret Plan for Govt Openness

The Obama administration is conducting a workshop on government openness for federal employees today.

It is, of course, closed to the public and the media.

While the White House has tried to make the point that the public has a right to know, they have been secretive about many things, including those having nothing to do with national security:

Those include what cars people were buying using the $3 billion Cash for Clunkers program (it turned out the most frequent trades involved pickups for pickups with only slightly better gas mileage); how many times airplanes have collided with birds (a lot); whether lobbyists and donors meet with the Obama White House (they do); rules about the interrogation of terror suspects (the FBI and CIA disagreed over what was permitted); and who was speaking in private with Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner (he has close relationships with a cadre of Wall Street executives whose multibillion-dollar companies survived the economic crisis with his help).

Just last week, a State Department deputy assistant secretary, Llewellyn Hedgbeth, said at a public conference that “as much as we want to promote transparency,” her agency will work just as hard to protect classified materials or information that would put the United States in a bad light.

  • Bob Bogus

    "The Obama administration is conducting a workshop on government openness for federal employees today. It is, of course, closed to the public and the media."

    What a joke this administration is. A very bad joke.

  • Steve Hogan

    If hiding embarrassing revelations forms the criteria for keeping information from the public, they'd have to shut down their press office. Everything these clods do is criminal, absurd, or both.

  • Perun

    On the bright side the valves of dissent are open

  • "…her agency will work just as hard to protect classified materials or information that would put the United States in a bad light."

    Wow! An actual admission of guilt that the United States is doing things that put it in in a bad light. And besides, can it really get much worse than it is?

  • RObert

    "Secrecy is openness". We live in "1984" and Obama is Big Brother.

  • Vic Anderson

    The epitome of Obamanible mirrorspeak: "perfectly" clear, but FALSE!

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  • Johnny in Wi.

    They throw this guy out with a canned speech and a Telepromter everyday to throw dust in everyone's eyes. Meanwhile Rahm Emmanuel and the real rulers of the country loot and pillage.

  • "Bad Light" That should start a red light flashing in what is left of our brains.
    But I forgot we don't need to think anymore. We can just hope for change.

  • Obama is the biggest phony to ever disgrace the White House.

  • Lear K

    Diclassfy the so-called classified information!

  • Lear K

    End the use of secert evidence in trials where the accused is not even to see !

  • Makes as much sense as his plan to advance peace by escalating the war.

  • Lear K

    “His family maintains he was held in Kenyan custody without charge longer than Kenyan law allows and was tortured by Kenyan officials. U.S. officials later took him from Kenya, to Djibouti, to Afghanistan and then to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, a human rights group says.

    The case raises questions about the legal justifications for Abdulmalik’s U.S. detention, and why the Kenyan was flown to so many U.S. bases.

    U.S. officials, who have held Abdulmalik without charge since early 2007, have declined to release even basic information about him. The Department of Defense has declined to release a transcript of his “enemy combatant” hearing at the U.S. base in Cuba, as they have done for other prisoners.

    Army Maj. Tanya Bradsher, a Pentagon spokeswoman, said Thursday that the transcript of his review tribunal was still classified…

    ..The Pentagon has said that Abdulmalik acknowledged involvement in the November 2002 attack on (the Israeli-owned Paradise Hotel )near Mombasa, Kenya, in which 13 people died, as well as an unsuccessful attempt to shoot down an Israeli airliner )in 2002.


  • The interesting question to me is when the 'left' and the 'right' are going to figure out that both parties are the same in this regard.

    Are the people who criticized Bush for the same practices willing to criticize Obama now?

    And, are the people from the right who criticize Obama now willing to admit that Bush was just as bad, and so will be the next Republican to sit in that office?

    Right now, I see two powerless minorities, each of whom screams the loudest when the corporate party of the opposite side is in power. So the left yells when the Republicans are in office, and the right when the Democrats. And each corporate party uses this to con its side into voting for it, in the mistaken belief that it will lead to 'change.'

    So, is the Democratic left willing to admit that Obama is as bad on this sort of issue as Bush was.
    And, will the Repuiblican right be willing to admit that replacing Obama with a Republican is not the answer, as they'll be just as bad.

    And, will these two minorities ever figure out that they are complaining about the same issues of lying, misleading and corruption of public officials, and thus be willing to work together to try to really change this. Because, each separate minority is obviously two powerless to change this on its own. And last year's strategy of running at least five separate opposition presidential campaigns so badly divided our votes, our money, our energy, and our effort as to make us all completely powerless.

    A house divided can not stand. And they do a good job of keeping us divided.

  • I wish I had found your site sooner. Adding you to my feed reader right now.

  • I'm with screeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmm. There are no parties … only politics.

    How can we assign blame to Obama for the mess that he inherited from the past 8-years of absurd and covertly hostile leadership that ran affairs in such a way that our personal freedoms were trounced upon? What about the multi-trillion dollar war that was started without proper approval from the people and outside of the checks and balances put in place by this country's founders?

    In my opinion, the office of the President was harmed, originally, by Tricky Dick, and each President that has claimed "Executive Privilege" since that time is an echo from the past.

    The truth is, the solution lies with us, the citizens who are informed and are voting. Complaining solves nothing. The way to make a difference is the be the difference.

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