American Conservative Website Attacked

Late last night the website for The American Conservative magazine was attacked by unknown hackers. They wiped out the content and replaced it with spyware.

The site is currently offline and will hopefully be restored this morning.

Our spotlight of the day (“Add Yemen to America’s Long List of Easy Enemies”
by Mark Ames
) is from that site, so it is not currently working.

It is a shame when some people feel their counter-arguments are so weak that they must resort to such attacks.

PS: If you are a subscriber to the print edition, you have no problems reading all the articles right now. And it’s a good way to support TAC. You can subscribe over the phone at 800-579-6148 – a full year is $29.95, and two years is just $54.95.

18 thoughts on “American Conservative Website Attacked”

  1. "It is a shame when some people feel their counter-arguments are so weak that they must resort to such attacks."

    Wow. What a great little bit propaganda. It automatically follows that because the site was hacked, that your arguments are the strongest? ::chuckles::

    Kinda reaching a bit?

    1. A strong voice for non interventionism is very threatening the national security but then you probably already knew that didn't you troll (and I hope not spook). I am one lefty that reads with interest and respect in the sincere hope for a grassroots left right alliance to defeat to defeat state centrism and unsustainable empire.

      1. Holy!?
        A bit paranoid. All I was saying is that it's reaching to assume the only motivation in the universe for hacking these guys must obviously be because they couldn't possibly come up with a strong argument.

        I've never even read the magazine or paper so I am not even arguing against it.

        I build guitars for a living. Lighten up dude. Maybe try some critical thinking rather than being so reactionary. Everyone who doesn't automatically agree with your point of view aren't necessarily trolls…..Jaysis.
        So quick to jump down peoples throats….

        1. Glen,

          If you don't want to be mistaken for a troll or a spook astroturfer, don't act like one. Putting words into people's mouths, as you did, is at the very least trollish. Go back and read what you posted:

          "Wow. What a great little bit propaganda. It automatically follows that because the site was hacked, that your arguments are the strongest? ::chuckles::"

          You have to be incredibly thick-headed to draw that sort of conclusion from what Eric posted. Eric did not claim that being hacked made TAC's argument the strongest. Eric merely pointed out that some people respond to speech they don't like by means of censorship or other means of stifling free speech – either with the power of government, or private violence, or in this case, hacking.

          If you don't think this hacking was done by people who disagree with TAC's pov, you're pretty freaking dense. People don't hack political sites for the pure joy of hacking.

  2. It's possible some bored 17-year-old stumbled across the AmCon website and decided to vandalize it for no reason. It's far likelier that this politically charged and decidedly minority site was chosen by specific antagonists. Perhaps Glen's been hit by too many of Quick Draw McGraw's guitars to see this.

    This sort of incident also draws out my closet Luddite. Technological advances tend to promote efficiency and lower cost, but at the price of fragility and greater dependence. It's easier to wipe a website than drop an entire magazine's production down the memory hole.

  3. Maybe someone just hates American conservatives (iow Republicans). I can't blame them if they do, but they sure choose a poor target with that magazine.

    1. Exactly – if you were p!ssed off at conservatives, TAC is not exactly your first choice of target. It is in fact a very poor choice. TAC represents an extreme minority point of view amongst conservatives and Republicans, and mostly appeals to conservatives and libertarians who have given up on (or were kicked out of) the conservative movement long ago.

  4. In broken English the hacker, identifying himself as a Palestinian, denounced Israel's policy in the territories and US support for Israel and railed a bit against the Jews generally; all barely coherent. A paragraph in Turkish appeared as well, perhaps simply repeating the same. At the bottom of the page appeared "Palestinian Copyright". The site is back up.

    1. I smell false flag. TAC isn't exactly in tune with the Israeli-dominated GOP/conservative movement. TAC's readership certainly leans anti-Israeli (or simply leans "isolationist" which according to Zionists is equivalent to being Hitler), although TAC's editorial policy is more neutral (or was; I haven't read TAC in years).

      Of all the conservative websites, why would Palestinians target TAC? There are thousands of American conservative websites full of Israeli-firsters – why aren't they being hacked? And how many Palestinians are there who have access to computers and the internet and who know how to hack? Anyone with any long experience on the Internet knows that any Palestinian "hackers" out there are outnumbered thousands-to-one by Israeli, Zionist, or pro-Israeli/pro-Zionist hackers. Do the math.

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