If Only He’d Tortured People…

…the heroic leaker Bradley Manning would be a free man today.

Via the FaceBook group SaveBradley:

19 thoughts on “If Only He’d Tortured People…”

  1. Watch how fast Spc. Manning disappears from the face of Planet Empire. He spilled the beans and good lord ahmighty, we can't have that now can we. Why, the war criminals will be exposed. Exposed for the butchering sons-of-bitches they in very real fact are.
    But then, why would Bushco worry about that now? The Obama isn't about to do a thing. Not Eric 'lickspittle' Holder and certainly not the ICC. As for Usreal's Congress, well, they are to a man/woman too freaking busy defending Israel for being terrorists.
    You did your duty Spc. Bradley Manning and you should stand tall. That sounds pretty damn weak now.

    1. FYI, why is it that President O'BushBombya issues fatwah orders, worldwide assassinations and it's not noticed. Stalin and Hitler issued Fatwah orders, Stalins assassination of Trotsky in Mexico as an example, and this Stalniism/NAZIISM tactics aren't even challenged or mentioned in this country. O'BushBombya's Fatwah policies are the result of USG torture being approved. This is in fact the logical progression, from torture to USG Fatwah assassinations.

  2. Looking backward does seem to apply to Bradley, but it certainly does for the elite war criminals of this, President O'BushBombya, and the previous administration. With O'BushBombya recent Fatwah, the Stalinist/Hitler style of assassination of any suspects world wide, including American citizens. Now if I were to AND I'M NOT, declare a Fatwah against the American war criminals I would be breaking the law.Just how and why is it that O'BushBombya fatwah go unreported by the MSM. sO MUCH FOR LOOKING FORWARD unless it a fatwah assassination.

  3. not only is this kid going to get unjustly PHUQUED, but it’s likely that Julian Assange will be murdered by McChristHOLE’s boys.

    how pathetic, tragic, and sad that Amerika has come to this.

    how sad.

  4. Bradley needs the kind of help Katherine Gunn of Britain got when she led us to the Connie Rice communications with the MI6 branch of Treason Inteligence. I don't think it's going to be that hard to get Bradley acquitted. He's sworn to uphold the constitution of the U.S. What constitution since when? Any pro bono big shot lawyer should be able to put a monkey wrench in any post Patriot Act government procecution. Actually, Bradley just has more laws protecting him as a soldier, and a citizen then the average joe knows about or has himself. McChristol's just another dick head like Ollie North, they're allowed to exist to support the patriot propaganda spin. What is really dangerous now is this no oversight Pentagon now. They think they're JF Dulles, Jerry Ford, and the CIA all wrapped up in one.

  5. If Manning tortured people, the US government wouldn't care – and neither would the overwhelming majority of the American people. Notice the non-existent outcry by the American public to prosecute the war criminals who ran their torture chambers only a few years ago, war criminals who are walking free among them today. They couldn't care less, and as a result, the criminals go free. Tell me again: who's responsible?
    God Bless America.

  6. Forty years ago, Ellsburg leaked the Pentagon Papers. Although threatened with a lengthy prison sentence, he was officialy exonerated. Manning won't be so lucky – he will probably get a bullet in his head. That tells you all you need to know about how far this country has fallen in the last 40 years. I chalk it up to our new love of militarism and our association with those fascist goons from Hell, the Israelis.

  7. Most people who call themselves patriotic are stupid little protofascists and wouldn't know a true patriot from a hole in the ground. This kid has a conscience and stood up for what is morally correct.
    It's nice to know people other than the many posters on antiwar.com still have a conscience and a grasp of history and can clearly see America slip-sliding towards some ugly totalitarian state few might recognize.

  8. This is the power of a conscience that it can dare to confront the greatest military force on earth in order to do the right thing, dare death and dishonor, the sham honor that now glorifies the false heroes of these destructive wars against humanity itself. In the Bhagavad Gita he was Arjuna and Krishna was the conscience of man.

  9. ha he was in chopper if i were on the ground i would have cut there heads off and fed them to the dogs

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