Daniel Assange is NOT Scott Evil

Looks like producers for Dr. Phil and Montel might be waiting awhile if they think they have a celebrity dad-hating story in the making. Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post seemed to have obtained a scoop yesterday rising to the level of Dr. Evil/Scott Evil proportions, excerpting a FaceBook quote from Daniel Assange, 20, that appeared on its face to fuel the growing personal attacks against his father, embattled WikiLeaks founder and director, Julian Assange:

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s own son thinks he’s a nightmare when it comes to women.

“That man does have a way of making a lot of female enemies,” Daniel Assange, 21, said about his embattled dad.

Daniel made the Facebook posting after two Swedish women came forward with allegations that led to rape and molestation charges against his dad.

Daniel also wondered about his father’s claim that the accusations were part of a Pentagon “smear campaign.”

“Interesting to see whether this is the result of a government plot or personal grudges,” he wrote.

Daniel Assange is no 'Scott Evil'

But later on Friday, Daniel, under the moniker Somnidea on a website called The Sleepy Lammata lashed out at the newspaper, calling the story “godawful sensational tripe”:

I’d just like to note here that the comments in question were very tongue-in-cheek and never intended to be made public like this, much less support the conclusions of the article. The NYP did not interview me or otherwise attain my consent in any way for their publication. I have much respect for my father and his cause, and these ridiculously ill-handled allegations of sexual abuse serve only to distract from the audacious awesomeness that he has actually done.

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