Yellow Journalism Alive and Well: Newsmax Tries to “Supply the War”

You supply the pictures and I’ll supply the war
– William Randolph Hearst

The call to war with Iran is alive and well today, as hawkish self-styled media outlet is pushing a story entitled “Iran Admits It Could Pull Nuke Trigger on US, Israel“. The article is festooned with scare quotes designed to prove that Iran’s Defense Ministry is “dropping the pretense that it is developing nuclear technology purely for peaceful purposes.”

And in the great history of Yellow Journalism the story appears to be virtually entirely invented out of whole cloth. The article quotes heavily from a fictional “strategic analysis” by an apparently fictional “top adviser to (Iran’s) Defense Minister.”

Yet there is no indication, beyond that article, that the so-called author of the analysis Alireza Sedidabadi even exists, and the “intelligence ministry website,” from which Newsmax author Ken Timmerman claims to have obtained the shocking revelations, isn’t real either.

No kidding, visit Now ask yourself “how many Iranian government websites feature prominent pro-Green Movement articles and Samsung advertisements.” You could also go to the “links” section on the site and ask “how many Iranian government websites link to the Jerusalem Post” as a news source?

Indeed, the only Iranian quoted in the whole Newsmax article who seems to be real is self-described CIA spy Reza Khalili, who of course plays up the call to war that the piece so clearly is designed to be, even claiming Iran is “very close to being able to arm their ballistic missiles with nuclear war heads,” a claim so demonstrably absurd it seems incredible that it was even included.

Taking a page out of Hearst’s book, Newsmax is quite literally trying to “supply the war” here. Fortunately for us they don’t seem to be particularly good at it, and such nonsense will likely only “convince” the people who were sold on the idea of the war already.

14 thoughts on “Yellow Journalism Alive and Well: Newsmax Tries to “Supply the War””

  1. The SCOTUS should review this case, instead of whether it is "free speech" to protest at military funerals. Is it "free speech" to abuse the power of news provider? Were not the Protocols of the Elders of Zion made up out of whole cloth, just as the Newsmax story? Why is this stuff not punishable?

  2. Mr. Good, I hope you're not serious. The last thing we want is to have the government decide what can and can't be published. While Newsmax is vile and loathsome, we must defend their freedom of speech and publishing absolutely.

  3. Welcome to the internet…put on your hip boots , latex gloves and gas masks . This is where B.S. is given credibility ,merely by it's presence , photo-shopped pix are "bible -proof " , and opinions become fact . Casting aspersions , unproven allegations , faulty conclusions , conspiracy theories, sucked up by the ignorant gullable and lazy masses .
    This occurs on both ends of the spectrum , some of it painfully obvious like the teabaggers , some not so obvious but insideous , but all dependent upon "the dupes " .Then they morph into political movements until the whole political process rests on a foundation of B.S. The Centrists can save the day , but it's hard when the Two Parties present nothing but clowns to choose from .

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  6. Americans will believe anything. Consider;

    Yellow journalism about Spanish in Cuba in 1898.
    Wellington house propaganda about Germany 1914-17.
    Tonkin Gulf "attack" in 1965.
    "Babies taken from incubators" B.S. in 1990.
    "Weapons of mass destruction" baloney in 2003.

    And now the nonsense about the "threat" from Iran.

  7. Yea I know what you mean "Massacre in Jenin " – "US controlled by Zionists " – 9/11 conspiracy [it wasn't 19 muslims ] Ahmadinejabs "wiping Israel off the face of the Earth " a mistranslation , Palestinians really want a peacefull two state solution ,Iran's nuclear program 100 % peacefull [ no enrichment of uranium beyond 20 % ] – yup "they " will believe anything .

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