Who Would MLK Bomb?

Dr. Martin Luther King’s outspoken opposition to the war in Vietnam put him neatly in the milieu of modern Christian non-violence that started with the religious writings of Leo Tolstoy, and which had impacts well beyond Christendom (Gandhi’s interest in non-violence, for instance, was heavily influenced by Tolstoy). The answer, then, to who would MLK bomb is pretty clearly “no one.”

But he’s been dead for quite awhile, and people may be a little vague on who exactly the fellow was and what he stood for. To that end, Pentagon officials are now making it clear, they’re pretty sure Dr. King was a hawk.

Jeh Johnson, the Pentagon’s general council, has informed the public that he is pretty sure, were Dr. King alive today he would be strongly in favor of the US occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, because “he would recognize that we live in a complicated world.”

Johnson’s argument begins and ends with Dr. King’s fondness for the parable of the “Good Samaritan,” and his (Johnson’s) assumption that no one is a better Samaritan than US occupation forces.

In case you’re not thoroughly confused, Johnson closed by announcing “every day, our servicemen and women practice the dangerousness – the dangerous unselfishness Dr. King preached.” So there you have it, the Pentagon’s history has MLK as a danger junkie, and nobody rocks the danger like occupation forces.

38 thoughts on “Who Would MLK Bomb?”

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  2. Replace the Pentagoon's newspeak with honest language and you get:

    every day, our [expendable militants] practice the [violence] — the [violent collectivism] Dr. King preached.”

  3. *"If [MLK[ were alive today, would he understand why the [US] is at war?"

    Most certainly. As he said on 4 Apr 67, "…as I ponder the madness of Viet Nam…"

    *"…Johnson added, "Today's wars are not out of line with the iconic Nobel Peace Pize winner's teachings.""

    Gov't slug attempts to provide cover for Obama by declaring a moral equivalency amongst Peace Prize winner's Obama & King. Hell, he should have thrown in Kissinger for added laughs.

    *"complicated world";

    Newspeak for "the villeins should just mind their own business"

    Seems my recollection of the times is that MLK wasn't murdered until after he began to speak out against the Viet Nam war.

    1. Not necessarily true , and if so , it all depends on WHO really murdered him [or had him murdered ] Hoover hated him and feared him , racists hated him . so takeyour pick .

      1. He was killed on 4/4/68. This was exactly 1 year after his Anti-Vietnam speech at Riverside Baptist Church in NYC. He called the U.S., the greatest purveyor of violence in history. The anniversary asassination was a message to all peaceniks from the military- industrial complex.

  4. Yea, it's just stupidity, the kind of stupidity that is easily dispelled by learning anything at all about who Dr King was (not just an advocate of non-violent protest but also a Reverend AND a man of the left). Tracing the line of Dr King's belief in non-violent protest back to Tolstoy is accurate.

    It's just the kind of stupidity so stupid that people should just walk out or boo. Of course considering the venue (a Pentagon commemoration) that's not going to happen. Those people need to believe what they are doing is right if it takes a frontal lobotomy.

  5. Sadly there does not seem to be any comment from the keepers of his legacy, The King Center, or any other black leaders.

    1. Too busy suing journalists and researchers for quoting King (who of course, quoted many others that came before him) and cashing in on cellphone commercials and the like.

  6. This latest stream of nonsense from the Pentagram's propaganda maw is perfectly timed for consumption by the masses of historically ignorant, non-thinking sheeple that populate Amerika in the main. As Good Luck points out above, the corruption and rot are so thorough and the patient so terminal in its illness that we can count on not a peep of rebuttal or protest from the King Center or any of contemporary Amerika's Black "leaders," all of whom are rank opportunists co-opted by the System long, long ago.

    1. Perhaps the "sheeple " you so easily berate are wise enough not to give such assinine statements the dignity of a reply . You are far too cynical for your own good liberranter . And please cut the rhetorical B.S. ….America is spelled with a C .Do you consider yourself the quintessential patriot/American ? Put your superiority complex back in the closet .

  7. How absurd ! Dr. King a hawk ? A danger junkie ? Talk about spin and pure B.S.
    Dr. King was FIRST a Christian , a man of courage , for he knew the forces he was contending with [VIRULENT RACISM } would likely end his life . He was therefore also a TRUE MARTYR . And to the politicos , he was neither Left nor Right , but high above both .

    1. Dr. King was FIRST a Christian

      Between serial plagiarism and serial fornication, among his many other sins and hypocrisies, he had a very funny way of showing it. Read more about the man from sources who knew the REAL Michael Luther King, Jr. (the one that you didn't see in public) from soemthing other than hagiographic (look it up) sources before you put this guy up on a pedestal. Get your facts straight.

      1. Liberranter , MLK was a man , that's all , but one who was willing to put his life on the line for freedom . He wasn't perfect , nor do I put him on a pedestal . He does however deserve the honor given him . So get your head out from where the sun dont shine , and YOU are gonna talk about what ? SIN ? you bloody hypocrite . And that's right he was A CHRISTIAN FIRST , and unlioke YOU , an imperfect one at that as we all are . I doubt you 'd have walked the road he walked . So zip it imbecile .

      2. Spoken like the true hypocritical cynic that you ARE Liberranter . King was not perfect [surprise ! nor are you ] he did however walk a road you never would , one which he knew would bring his demise , yet his courage prevailed .I don't "put him on a pedestal " , but I do take exception to such a life , lived for justice , and one which was sacrificed for the same . Shame on you for your purposed ignorance and misplaced judgementalism . You obviously have not studied the man , other than superficially , or what you may have gleened from the rags one finds at the grocery store check out counter .

  8. Maybe it the new 'black' thing. Time for the former non-citizens to 'rise up' and defend the freedom they've been given. Who's the bottom rail now?

  9. King's actual views on Vietnam aren’t what’s important, just as his actual character, which was very different from the secular saint we’re told to emulate, doesn't matter either. What matters is MLK’s egalitarianism, which DC uses to justify its pursuit of the global democratic revolution.

  10. Old Rebel , that's old trash . Who told you to emulate MLK ?Besides what's the matter with egalitarianism ? Got something against that do ya ? The rest of your statement is incoherent .

  11. nothing you mention above has anything to do with egalitarianism . nor can they in any way be connected to MLK ,what he said or what he had done .

  12. hey Old Rebel , maybe you oughta look up the definition of the word , before you attach your personal "interpretation " .

  13. To believe that all men should have equal political , social and economic rights , and to advocate such notions ,is not anti-human nor evil , however to deny them to anyone IS . Egalitarianism does not indicate that these things should be "bestowed " but rather men should have the freedom to strve for them . Exatly whom , would you deny these ? And how you connect that to Kmer Rouge , Terror , and Iraq , defies reason.

  14. What a ridiculous way for Jeh to distract everyone from the point of the day. Neither the place of DOD nor its head legal appointee, especially at an event meant to celebrate King.

    It's "general counsel," though, not "council."

  15. Exactly , but one must consider the mentality involved .Therefore this sort of thing , for DOD , is not at all a-typical . What IS weird , is some of the other "extrapolations " ventured by people .

  16. gsparks, Amused,

    Yes, why would the Pentagon, which projects American power across the world in the name of liberating peoples everywhere, honor MLK?

    Just another of life's mysteries, I suppose.

  17. It's no mystery Old Reb , in their own contorted way , it's just the Pentagon jumping on the bandwagon with their own spin ,on MLK Day . It's crass , it's transparent , and above all , nonsensical , but then again what would you expect from those meatheads ? Not to mention , they haven't been doing so well lately , in the "liberating peoples everywhere department ".

    1. Maybe I'm over-generous, it is seems clear to me that DOD celebrating MLK day is really a morale stunt. Which is cynical, but part of running a military.

  18. Lol…I guess you could call it that Old Reb . Their comments sorta like Frank Zappa's [rip] now famous comment …"everyboy's clapping for all the wrong reasons " , and using a lame-brained analogy .

  19. Considering that the neo-cons live in the non-reality based world and make their own realities there is little reason that a single person, MLK, should not suffer the same fate as Iraq or Afghanistan or the United States. King looms large in the American conscience. Because of this he is exploitable. To be exploited however his image first must be made malleable. Once made malleable it can be fitted for quite a few purposes. This malleability is certainly added by the secrecy surrounding much of his life, specifically sealed records and certain aspects of his character that must be glossed over. But there you have it. King is more a wax saint than a plaster one. Now that he is dead and unable to speak for himself he can be put in shackles and made to dance to the piper's tune. Amazing how far we've come.

  20. People by nature are unequal. Making them equal requires tyranny. The tyrants are more equal than everyone else.

  21. Great majority of Americans were shocked ,outraged,and sadended by the killings that place recently in Toucson ,but continue to ignore and celebrate the daily ongoing killings that their government doing in their behalf .

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