Needed: A Congressional Air Force

…. so that the advocates of imposing a “No Fly” zone over Libya will be the first to perish for their arrogance and folly.

UPDATE: Maybe we should issue a call for volunteers to fold the parachutes of any congressmen willing to fly over Tripoli.

18 thoughts on “Needed: A Congressional Air Force”

  1. I'd bet there aren't more than about a dozen congress-creepers that have served in US military. In either of our Houses of Ill Repute. (that'd be House and/or Senate) Might be more than that served in the IDF. Golly and isn't that disgraceful.
    Yeah the congress-creepers like that warmongering crap. They sit comfortably in their comfy chairs enscounced safely within the bowels of the Imperial Palace that sits well within the darkheart of the Imperial City and send America's boys and girls off to die for meaningless pandering.
    Of course moms and dads all across our 'land of the free' might want to consider withholding any consensual sign offs on the young 'uns joining up. You know, just in case their chillins' end up like say one Pvt. Bradley Manning. Naked and humiliated for all of the Amerikan circus to behold.
    Golly and isn't THAT disgraceful.

    1. Hell, the members of the Parliament of Whores can't be bothered about wars, death, and destruction. They're too busy living the good life on their taxpayer-provided salaries, medical care, travel allowances, pensions. . . .

      The military is the employer of last resort. A horseshit civilian economy and lowered recruitment standards brings in plenty of cannon fodder. And, of course, some recruits are dumb enough or naive enough to think they'll be serving "American" interests. Bullshit. They'll be serving the interests of chickenhawk warmongers.

    1. A point Smedley Butler made brutally clear in "War is a Racket."

      (Of course if Smedley were alive today and were to make his views known, he either would have never been commissioned in the Marine Corps in the first place, or would be rotting in the same brig as Bradley Manning.)

  2. I love the part where Kerry says establishing a no-flight zone did not require attacking antiaircraft installations, rather “one could crater airports and runways…”. I guess “cratering airports” isn’t attacking them, it’s a form of diplomacy. It’s like saying we don’t have to shoot them in the head when we can shoot them in the heart and that’s really different. But then Kerry was never a genius.

    1. The point is that if the runways are bombed, the AAA (antiaircraft artillery) will be shooting at those aircraft…surface to air missiles, too. That's why Mr. Bovard says we need a Congressional Air Force…to let those couch commandos do the dirty work and get their asses shot off for a change.

      Your comment about Kerry never being a genius is apropos. Where the hell does he think most of the AAA batteries are positioned if not in direct defense of military airfields?

      1. McCain is a pilot -he can fly point – would solve several problems with one sortie.

        1. He might break his arms again and their aren't any Vietnamese villagers to save him this time.

      2. It's deeply disturbing, but certainly not surprising, to hear Kerry, who is supposedly a Vietnam combat veteran, banging the drums for war. Then again, it's obvious he didn't learn anything from that war either.

      3. My view is we shouldn't do anything except stay away from Libya. Not much chance of that.

  3. Why is Obama getting a free pass from the anti war movement faction? Seems to me George Bush was constantly attacked by the movement. These wars are bankrupting our country on top of killing so many innocent people. The policy of policing the world has not worked for 20 years and it never will. Why are we not pressuring the Obama administration to end this failling policy and bring our troops home. Where are the demonstrations and marches against Obama that I witnessed during the Bush years?

  4. The US military could disable the runways with cruise missiles, just like they did with that Sudanese WMD plant – ooops pharmaceutical factory.

  5. NONE of our damn business in Libya – the 'clowns' in the Congress, especially idiots like Kerry and McCain, need to ALL be sent on a leaky boat one way sail to Libya with NO return to the US for such idiots!

    1. Yup, indeed. I suppose if there is one optimistic thing we can say about a rush to stick our nose in yet another part of the Middle East, it is that it will hasten the Empire's collapse that much faster.

      1. Can't happen fast enough for me. I want a republic with a federal government with strictly limited powers. The bigger government is the more evil it can do.

  6. Hey, I have an idea. If everything is so bad here in the USSA, lets revolt and reset the fed to its original status – as a constitutional republic. Backed by a gold/silver standard, no federal reserve, no commie or corporate special interests. Whatever it takes to get there, so it shall be. Pray for non-violence, fight like hell if need be.

  7. McCain can fly as can George W, he can take Cheney as his REO.

    Im sure the must be a A4 around, maybe he can slap somes stars and bars on an Israeli A4 Skyhawk the US gave it to the Israelies anyways he can use it to bomb the AA guns.

    Time for a few of the Chicken Hawks to actually take the risks that they forced on others. I am sure there are a few more Pilots and Aviators in the Houses.

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