8 thoughts on “Angela Keaton on Fox Business Channel (video)”

  1. Wow! Angela is articulate and intelligent enough to start her own TV news hour (great looking too!). She is perfect for TV as she has a great presence! MSNBC should get rid of Rachel Maddow and hIre Angela!

  2. I believe justice was done – as long as the families made the decision without coercion. The Shariah allows the family authority to demand the death of the murderer, blood money, or offer complete forgiveness. The upshot of this is that the court only makes the determination of guilt as a neutral party. The punishment is decided by the victim’s family. This makes sense; if I kill someone, how does the case become Pakistan vs Me or US vs Me? I killed a real human being not an abstracted concept of social order like the state. The family can best decide whether they want material compensation (you can't bring the victim back after all) or – in the case of a particularly brutal or vicious killing – feel they cannot find it in themselves to let the man live. The illegal spying issue is a different subject and some other higher-ups were bribed to make noise, but look the other way.

    1. I agree with you on the concept of restitution vs. punishment or revenge. The problem with your statement "I believe justice was done", however, is it was not the criminal himself, or even the people that make up the CIA that bore the cost of the restitution, it was the unwilling US Citizens through forced taxation. Justice was absolutely not done.

      1. Touche – I guess I should have made it clear if there was no coercion on any side of this deal (except for the guilty party – after being duly convicted). Your correction is appreciated.

  3. All the hate for Fox News yet when liberals and progressives want to reach the largest audience in America during news time where do they go? Fox News. And unlike the liberal media, Fox actually gives them the opportunity to express their opinion.

    I'm not a huge fan of Fox News but I certainly can tell the difference between a network that allows dissenting opinion and one like CNN or CBS that has liberals and less liberals as their only voices, like this morning's Sunday shows. It's sickening to watch the slobbering fools suck each other off as if it was scripted (which it likely was). I'd rather watch two completely differing views battle it out in the arena of ideas than monolithic drool.

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