Obama’s Mushroom Cloud Legacy

For years, we have heard that Obama is different than other politicians – wiser, more compassionate, more prudent.


Blowing the hell out of Libya settles any doubts about whether Obama is simply another deluded ruler who will use power however he pleases to burnish his reputation.

Obama is simply a high-falutin’ version of George W. Bush. And any foreigner who is killed thanks to Obama’s orders is irrelevant, because the U.S. President was merely trying to do good.

35 thoughts on “Obama’s Mushroom Cloud Legacy”

  1. I am very glad to see this brief article or blog. I have been critical of some in the anti-war movement for being one sided. Sometimes I see hypocrisy when anti-war protesters show up with signs and bullhorns when a guy like Dubya attacks someone but not when Obama or Clinton do it. So I do appreciate this article on Obama's Mushroom Cloud Legacy. I hope others will see what the point is. The is no change !!!

    1. As a member of the anti-war movement, I can assure you many of us (now a growing number) have been very critical of Obama since he escalated in Pakistan and Afghanistan and refused to close Guantanamo. His increased "national security" budget, his despicable torture of Bradley Manning and now, his war on Libya, have further outraged a growing number of us. Corporate media did not cover the many anti-war protests held last weekend against all of these U.S. wars.

  2. The Faithful cannot call this Bush's war like they do Iraq and Afghanistan. This is Obama's war all the way, baby. He CHOSE to go to war. It's his, nobody else's.

  3. For years, we have heard that Obama is different than other politicians – wiser, more compassionate, more prudent.


    Blowing the hell out of Libya settles any doubts about whether Obama is simply another deluded ruler who will use power however he pleases to burnish his reputation.


    For the ten-thousandth time, the foot-long plastic measuring stick in my kid's school book bag is more of a "ruler" than Barack Obama (or any of his predecessors or successors) ever has been or ever will be. Again, he is nothing but a sock puppet who is "blowing the hell out of Libya" because that's what the power with its hand up his rectum MADE him do. The idea that he would or could do anything other than what that "hand" (i.e., the consortium of power mongers for whom he is a front) directs him to do is as absurd as the idea that Kermit the Frog wrote Jim Henson's jokes and directed the the Muppet Show's programming.

    In the interest of accuracy, I recommend that you at least re-title this article "The CIA/World Bank/Rothschild/Bilderburger Group/U.N./Wall Street, Etc.'s Mushroom Cloud Legacy, featuring Barack 'Cookie Monster' Obama."

  4. Dear Mr. Bovard:
    Well said and I would only disagree on one minor point. There is absolutely nothing "high falutin'" about our dear Barax Oh-Bomb-Ah. Nope. Our dear Barax is possibly and modestly more tan that G. Bush but, the Oh-Bomb-Ah is certainly as murderous and/or insane as was the Bushco. The Oh-Bomb-Ah pontificates his horse-s*#t moralism and that leaves Uncle Tom Obama worlds more heinous than Incurious George.

  5. Remember this Obama, this smooth operator,lying psycopath was AWARDED
    the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE!! He violated the Constitution by sending the U.S.
    military to WAR against a country that has not threatened the U.S; and did not get the
    consent of Congress. He really shoul be impeached. And the Nobel Peace Prize should be
    declared null and void, otherwise we are being subject to the "LAW of the JUNGLE",
    The whole thing is a big fat JOKE! It would be fun to swing from trees and pound
    your chest! That's real DEMOCRACY!!

  6. The people I know who voted for Obama and who thought he was sincere about the "hope and change" thing now admit to me their complete disappointment and disillusion with him. However, they will all be voting for him in 2012 when the Republican candidate outdoes him by supporting a platform of intolerance, hate, and nationalism. I get disgusted when I hear Republicans claiming that Obama is a socialist when he has enthusiastically supported every action G. W. Bush initiated.

    This country will go nowhere as long as you have a majority of citizens believing that our political leaders sincerely have the interests of this nation and its people in mind, that their piddling little vote matters and is proof of American "freedom," and that the President isn't bought and sold by those who really run this country.

    1. That just goes to show that W was a "socialist" too — despite the popular perception to the contrary.

      What they have in common, and what earns them the label "socialist" from many people, is a fondness for big government at home and interventionism overseas. In both cases, it's a syndrome of rule by "experts" who think they can control the world with their central planning.

    2. I agree wholeheartedly with your first paragraph. In my opinion, President Obama will be re-elected not due to his record but to the incredible weakness of the GOP nominee.

      I think you, as do many of us, give "those who really run this country" way to much credit. The ignorance of the American electorate is the Only Reason why those in power can get away with what they do. Nowhere is this more evident than in the American public's view of Obama's actions in Libya (referenced in the video link below).

  7. What are we doing in Libya? Why are we helping to murder more civilians in another mid-Eastern country? How many millions are we now going to spend in Libya, while we're still in Iraq and Afghanistan? Having been through Vietnam, I thought war in my lifetime was over. Now we've been at war for 9 of the last 20 years. Where is the outcry? I've been unemployed now for almost a year- why can't we focus on the USA for once? When did we become the policeforce for the world?
    Where is the outrage? I'm a lifelong Democrat- when did war become the Democratic gameplan?
    And who is asking the questions anymore?

    1. " I'm a lifelong Democrat- when did war become the Democratic gameplan?"

      FDR, Kennedy, LBJ ring a bell? That is why I am a Green and have more respect for Libertarians than Democrats.

  8. Obama is sucking up to the poor downtrodden "citizen muslims " being murdered by fellow muslims .We have no buisiness in Libya breaking up their fight , just so Obama can curry favor with the world's muslims , who at the end of the day hate us anyway .And the hypocrisy of our present foreign policy is crystal clear ….why aren't we in Sudan ? Congo ? Yemen ? Bahrain ? Morality , Humanitarian ? – BUNK!! I hear Syria's having troubler too , when we gonna bomb Damascus ?

    1. Do't give them an excuse, Amused. Israel and the US would LOVE to find an excuse to bomb Damascus (believed to be the oldest continually-inhabited city in the world).!

  9. ….happens i agree with you guys…..we should let the arabs kill each other all they want…but what do you do when these wackos decide to kill americans….like 9/11….??

    1. Hey Johny if we stopped overthrowing their democratically elected governments as in Iran in the 50s, and supporting oppressive governments like Mubarak on behalf of oil and Israel they would would mind their own business.

  10. Obama has to go the only respectful person for president is Ron Paul mabe his runing mate could likly be Dennis Kosinech sorry if I spelt Dennises name wrong just about to go to bed no time to see.We are in unjust and allegal wars mainly for oil we need to change are needs as fast as possible what happened to the electrick cars that were always talked about in the 90s.War illegal has to stop or humans will not be here in 2000 years.We have things we dont need Canada the US and the rest of the world nees to worrie about water and protect the water they own at this rate off pollution and consuption the great lakes will be gone in 80 years belive or see for yourself.If we don't change we will be gone and are souls will be in GODs hands.But we should worrie about future generations.And most do but we need to peacefully have a revolution from top to bottom right now we are getting screwed and look like COWARDS.

  11. And vote who into office? If it's Ralph Nader or Ron Paul or someone who might change our foreign policy … maybe. But otherwise, it hardly seems to make any difference. Remember Obama was elected by those who thought (against all evidence) that voting for him would make a difference.

  12. "The "audacity of hope" as foreign policy – good things will spontaneously flow". Yeah right.. Bay of Pigs and Kennedy lost. Thing was (at that time) there was silver in the a 1963 quarter instead of the funny money they keep now. All this spending and borrowing from CCP China is going to weaken our buying power.
    These Goofball presidents can't get used to the fact that the cold war is over and we don't need any more moral crusades cause we can't afford them

  13. The American population has been purposefully dumbed down to make them as pliable as possible. Just read the Underground History of American Education by John Taylor Gatto. This is by design.

  14. 1- USA wake up and smell the miracles that is just about to happen to your freedom.., There is not such thing as democracy exist in US nor for that matter in EU.., or if you will NATO countries.., however there is what is called a falsified democracy with a militarism regimes as option for people to chose from. Obama actually have dismantled the democratic party by not following on his promise.., question why would he do that.., from 2010 and up to date Obama been approaching the Republicans to create a one party system in US where he knows that they will be the majority when democrats and republicans become a same political party. There is no such evidence nailing the idea.., but what if is true and what if they are negotiating on the issue.

  15. 2- What I go after is the fact that lately Republicans are very quite on issues and they very well cooperating with president on almost every issues., having said that.., Obama hade a chance to create a true and functioning democracy by fulfilling his promises ending the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and implementing a universal healthcare system for everyone.., and prosecuting the Bush – Cheney gangs for war crime and etc. Isn’t it questionable that non of his rhetoric’s been done and beside if he was a true democrat then why not.., he hade the majority in both house and promised the American people when he toke the oath.

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