Ron Paul on Libya War Authorization

Today the US House defeated two resolutions on the war on Libya. The first one, to authorize Obama to conduct the war for a year, failed overwhelmingly.

The second one, sold as a war limitation measure, actually authorized most of the activities currently being waged by US forces, was also defeated (a surprise to many).

Here is Rep. Ron Paul’s statement against the limited authorization measure:

Mr. Speaker I rise to oppose this legislation, which masquerades as a limitation of funds for the president’s war on Libya but is in fact an authorization for that very war. According to HR 2278, the US military cannot be involved in NATO’s actions in Libya, with four important exceptions. If this passes, for the first time the president would be authorized to use US Armed Forces to engage in search and rescue; intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance; aerial refueling; and operational planning against Libya. Currently, absent an authorization or declaration of war, these activities are illegal. So instead of ending the war against Libya, this bill would legalize nearly everything the president is currently doing there.

That the war in Libya can be ended by expanding it and providing the president a legal excuse to continue makes no sense. If this bill fails, the entirety of what the president is doing in Libya would remain illegal.

Additionally, it should not really be necessary to prohibit the use of funds for US military attacks on Libya because those funds are already prohibited by the Constitution. Absent Congressional action to allow US force against Libya any such force is illegal, meaning the expenditure of funds for such activities is prohibited. I will, however, support any straight and clean prohibition of funds such as the anticipated amendments to the upcoming Defense Appropriations bill.

I urge my colleagues to reject this stealth attempt to authorize the Libya war and sincerely hope that the House will soon get serious about our Constitutional obligations and authority.

13 thoughts on “Ron Paul on Libya War Authorization”

  1. Paul took the correct stand here, the principled one and also the politically shrewd one.
    Kucinich did not. I fear that the liberals, so long used to ineffective and spineless "incrementalism" on all their issues, have lost any sense of principle.
    While I disagree with Ron Paul on many things (e.g., single- payer medical care), I agree with Obomber on nothing of import or relevance for the moment. And given Paul's principled stance on anti-interventionism, civil liberties, and auditing the Fed, he is not only the best candidate for President out there, he is the only worthwhile candidate at all.
    John V. Walsh

    1. Since you know that I certainly hope you'll vote for him. As you know the rest are just simply white-collar criminals.

      I warned many people about Obama before he was elected but as usual I was just "being racist" to those idiots. Wonder how the "hope and change" is going for them now?

    2. Ron Paul has been right all along and has never changed what he stood for. His only drawback to being president is voters who are looking for a GQ man instead of a real leader.

  2. I think they're hoping for a change. Maybe people will realize now only Ron Paul has any interest at all in changing things. The rest of them are just saying things to get elected, after which they'll do as they please. Just like Obama.

  3. Ron Paul is not perfect but is right in most things.Americans are smart but Ron Paul is the only person that will bring trust back to the presidency witch is very much needed.And unlike Obumer he will fight to do all he promises and I'm sure he can't be bought.The US government said it would take 300 million to buy every person needed to continue the assult on America the constitution and other innocent people in illegal wars.Well Ron would be happy to investigate that and other illegal things done in clear view of the people that pay for everything.The American government assumes civilians are coward and will not fight for the constitution and there freedom time to show them they were sadly mistaken.

  4. Ron Pl is almost certainly my personal favored person in the upcoming political election, nonetheless I usually do not feel such as he has getting adequate good photos through the particular opinionated press to tricot away the particular victory.

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