Ron Paul on House Vote for Mideast Negotiations

Yesterday the House spent an hour “debating” a resolution condemning efforts to gain support for a Palestinian state via the UN General Assembly, and demanding that the Palestinians negotiate on Israel’s terms. (It is worth noting that UN recognition of Israel came as a result of a vote by the UN General Assembly, not by negotiation.)

The “debate” consisted mostly of condemnations of the Palestinian leadership and unqualified support for Israel as a theocratic religious state.

Only 6 House members voted to opposed the resolution (3 Republicans and 3 Democrats).

Rep. Ron Paul explained why he voted against the measure:

Mr. Speaker I rise in opposition to this resolution. While I certainly share the hope for peace in the Middle East and a solution to the ongoing conflict, I do not believe that peace will result if we continue to do the same things while hoping for different results. The US has been involved in this process for decades, spending billions of dollars we do not have, yet we never seem to get much closer to a solution. I believe the best solution is to embrace non-interventionism, which allows those most directly involved to solve their own problems.

This resolution not only further entangles the US in the Israeli/Palestinian dispute, but it sets out the kind of outcome the United States would accept in advance. While I prefer our disengagement from that conflict, I must wonder how the US expects to be seen as an “honest broker” when it dictates the terms of a solution in such a transparently one-sided manner?

In the resolution before us, all demands are made of only one side in the conflict. Do supporters of this resolution really believe the actors in the Middle East and the rest of the world do not notice? We do no favors to the Israelis or to the Palestinians when we involve ourselves in such a manner and block any negotiations that may take place without US participation. They have the incentives to find a way to live in peace and we must allow them to find that solution on their own. As always, congressional attitudes toward the peace process in the Middle East reveal hubris and self-importance. Only those who must live together in the Middle East can craft a lasting peace between Israel and Palestine.

32 thoughts on “Ron Paul on House Vote for Mideast Negotiations”

  1. Ron Paul 2012! Very nicely said! Thank You

    To all the people who say Mr. Ron Paul cannot win 2012; All You hear is, he has great ideas, he's consistent, principled, has forecasted much of the economic problems years ago and wins many of the straw polls. But he's unelectable. WHY! He's the best man for the job and he's got my vote!

    1. The media marginalizes him every chance they get. The sad part is that there are a lot of people who buy into it. They would rather voter for "the lesser of two evils" than vote for the right person. I guess they really think that it's better to vote for more of the same. The same war mongers, the same corporate tools, the same pandering fools.

      1. When I hear that argument, I tell them that there is no advantage in voting for someone who will win but will continue the same policies as the last two presidents. On the other hand, a vote for Ron Paul, even if he doesn't win, strengthens his influence and changes the debate among the 'first tier' candidates. No Republican candidate called for ending the wars, or auditing the Fed, in 2008, but now those words are heard…because other candidates see that Ron Paul is gathering support. So the more support we give him, the more the debate will turn his way. Whether or not he wins in 2012 is immaterial because with every vote for Ron Paul the IDEAS will win.

  2. Ron Paul is a leader among the bought and paid for patsy's who are taking our country into the abyss. The house, and senate are a disgrace to this entire country as they put Israel before America time and time again.

  3. The only solution to any conflict is local. Why do we all think we can solve other people’s problems when we can’t solve our own?

    We don’t know how to bring up our own kids and yet in far away countries we know exactly what people need, who is right and who is wrong and what should be done.

    Arrogance is overrated.

  4. Senator Ron Paul.., as a foreigner who is been interested in politics since I was very young.., not that I am old now.., I think that your ideas and efforts is what the American people need to appreciate and follow.., I am saying that because of the facts that.., Democrats are not willing to show the American people the full and a functional democracy at home by taking care of America people to start with…, yet starting another war is what I call a limited Democracy even when democrats are majority at both houses.., lying to the public is yet another way for them to get by hoping for people to forget abut their lies so they can lie again…, here I have to admit that there are many things that are involved in talking about democracy, deference’s in social political and economical terms and Etc. yet I am as you a Anti war wishing for world to be left alone by all kind of militarism regimes calling themselves democrats.

    Democracy starts at home.., that is if USAG is wanting for other nation to follow a true and a functioning democracy which means that they need to prove to the world that the USG System is based on and functioning under the terms of a democratic principals .., war in the other hand shows the fact that USG is not willing to implement democracy at home nor the system have any respect for the principals in democracy…, present USG political system therefore makes it hard for other nation to believe in whatever USA is stands for.., even if it is a limited democracy that democrats are talking about or acting upon.

  5. What joy it is to read the thoughts of Representave Ron Paul. The man is a giant in thought and courage. Of course I will vote for him…he is the only one to get America out of its own self-made rat hole.

  6. As always, congressional attitudes toward the peace process in the Middle East reveal hubris and self-importance. Only those who must live together in the Middle East can craft a lasting peace between Israel and Palestine.<———————- Pretty much says it all.
    Quit wasting our tax money on a losing battle

  7. A man with integrity and intelligence! Now, that's something you don't see very often in this country's political stage!

  8. Seantor Ron Paul speaks the truth which is plain to most ordinary people. What is glaringly obvious is the utter bias of the rest of the senate. From that point of view it is hard to change those self-serving reps. The only way is for the voter to tell them so and insist that they treat both parties, i.e. Palestinians and Israelis with the same set of rules. For as long as you use the same ingredients, you get the same soup.

    1. What I find rather sad is that most "ordinary people" don't get the message of liberty and how it's not only good for us as people but also good for the economy. I swear if people can't turn off that dang TV they will never wake up. Boobus Americanus has never found a lie they won't buy!

      All I would like to ask is that people actually study his entire platform and how it all comes together. Unfortunately it's not a message that comes across in a two minute soundbite and that is about the attention span of the average Faux or any other news viewer.

  9. What I find interesting is that one can only find 6 congress-critters willing to vote against this silly resolution. It really shows what a bunch of whores infests the national legislature.

    Paul, Jones, Amash (Reps)
    Rahall, Blumenauer, Kucinich (Dems)

    All of these guys have been in office forever except Amash. Amash is the only newish tea party guy who had any sense here. And these guys have been voting the way they did here for years. So it’s not like this is a way to end your career if you are a careerist.

    I don’t expect a motion like this to fail, but why can’t 50-60 people with secure seats be mustered to vote no?

    Parenthetically, I can’t help but remember that one of the arguments in favor of women’s suffrage and participation in government office was that this would bring a newly moral tone to government. So where is the distaff side on this vote? Every ‘nay’ is from some old white guy – except for Amash, a youngish white guy. Where are today’s Jeannette Rankins?

  10. I remember when the Republican establishment said that Reagan was not electable, so Gerald Ford got the nomination. Ford then lost to Jimmy Carter. Four years later Reagan beat Carter in a landslide. Ron Paul is more electable than any of the ridiculous dweebs that the Republicans have, so far.

    1. The biggest problem is the media. They play the race card against him every chance they get. Even though anyone who knows him understands that he is no racist. That one is getting a little old so now it's that he is too fringe. LOL anything to distract the average American (Boobus Americanus) The race card, fringe, etc. Are all used to shut down debate. Instead of actually debating topics they simply toss out one of their code words and call it a night.

      What I find interesting is that so many of the other Republicans are now talking like Ron Paul. Not that I believe these pandering fools. I would trust Dr. Paul, but I wouldn't trust the rest of them one bit.

  11. Senator Ron Paul is one who is not afaraid to go against the established order Thank You!

    He is so correct on the spending in the mid east How much has the US Taxpayer "invested" over there in the 50 years that I recall ? And what has been the return for that investment? Not too good I'm afraid. Just as much strife now as in 1967 This cannot go on

    1. Well if making enemies was the goal they got that done and can come home now too.

      Ron Paul is correct on everything. I know that is a dramatic statement, but I believe it to be true. I have been following him for over a decade, mostly on Lew Rockwell's site. Once a person understands how his entire platform works as a whole it's hard to deny that he has the only plan that can help our nation out of these problems. Liberty is prosperity. It's what made our country strong and free and with every step towards freedom we grow stronger, just as with every step towards tyranny we grow weaker.

  12. GOOGLE RON PAUL SIGN BOMB — VERY POSSIBLY THE LARGEST GRASSROOTS DEMONSTRATION EVER. but we need volunteers and organizers to make it happen!!! Get involved NOW

    1. For many people the terms have become interchangeable. In otherwords the words congress, senate and house representatives have merged in the minds of most. I doubt many people understand the difference between the two branches of the Legislative branch anyway.

      The lines have become so blurred that it's not as important as it once was. Other than the number of members and the time they are elected for there simply is not that much difference.

  13. This is a good position to take for the Republican debates. He can get the others to say how much they love Israel, and eventually it will come down to do they love Israel more than this country. Do they place Israeli interests over US interests?

  14. Vote for Ron Paul for President in 2012? Why not – I did exactly that in 1988. Too bad, very few of you did the same. We might have been able to turn this country around back then, Now it is probably a futile gesture.

    1. He is the only anti-war choice as far as I can see. I agree that it is probably too late to save the economy. However, we should at least get our troops home from all over the world before we collapse. I wouldn't want to end up stranded overseas when TSHTF.

  15. Honesty, consistency, intelligence — of course he is "unellectable"!
    The sheeple will support our troops until they are all dead.
    I'll be "wasting" my vote, you can count on it.

  16. When he losses the Republican nomination, then the fun begins. He has the position to truly cut across all lines. A third party effort may get OBOMBA re-elected, but the spotlight will shine brightly on Dr. Paul's positions. Frankly if the next President isn't Dr. Paul it won't make a difference on the eventual fall of the USA Empire, and the Oligarchy of Banks in power taking everything.

  17. America shouldn't must not sustain its blid support of the terrorist state of Israel. America, it should respect the value instilled for the founding fathers. Justice for all, Human rights for all. America must free itself from AIPAC and many other interest groups. When it comes to the middle east, the one sided policy in our country isn't our best interest. American should focus in the future in the middle east, America should get over this mentality which is every little group is minority. Minority within minority will put America behind. All the citizens of this country should invest their energy and time for uplifting and impoving here not where their ancestors came from
    There is nothing wrong with helping where you originally come from but if the country that you or your parents came from is doing injustice to another people like the state of Israel, those people should be vocal about it.

  18. All that I want to write has been written in the majority of the comments above. Reading comments by so many who recognize truth is refreshing. Too bad, we cannot witness this happening in the major press. Go Ron, Go!

  19. How dare Ron Paul be so anti-Israe!! This wicked man should be burned at the stake. Doesn't he know that Israel is America's number 1 ally, not just in the Middle East, but in the entire world? What a lunatic! Israel and America are both moral conservative, democratic societies with similar values who are locked in a struggle against Islamic fundamentalists who want to take away all of our liberties so that Sharia law can dominate the world!!!

    “Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.”
    -Benjamin Netanyahu

  20. Paulie, not only do these crazy Islamic fundamentalist maniacs, who brazenly took down the twin towers (and building 7 which they destroyed via Islamic witchcraft [they didn’t even need a plane!]), want the entire world to be dominated by sharia law; they also managed to put one of their terrorist co-religionists into the white house. Barack Obama is on of them! No wonder he hasn’t sacrificed the entire economic well-being of the USA and decimated half of the American army by starting a war with Iran yet. Israel is a closer friend to the USA than their own president. If it weren’t for great American conservative heroes like Chuck Schumer, William Kristol, Norman Podhoretz, Lindsey Graham, Paul Wolfowitz, Abraham Foxman, Richard Perle and David Wurmser who keep him in check, this Muslim maniac madman in the White House would already have unleashed Sharia law on the unwitting American population.

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