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Nullify NDAA Speaking Event: will have a featured speaking slot at Nullify the NDAA in Los Angeles, May 3, from 6PM-10PM (PT). Put on by the Tenth Amendment Center and the LA County Republican Liberty Caucus, in association with Oath Keepers, CA – it will be focused solely on the unconstitutional new powers claimed by the federal government in Sections 1021-1022 of the 2012 NDAA, specifically the new powers of indefinite detention.

This week’s top news:

Pakistan Calls for End to US Interventionism: The Pakistani parliament on Thursday unanimously declared that the U.S. must immediately cease launching drone strikes, must never again infiltrate Pakistani territory with U.S. troops, and supply routes through Pakistan to NATO troops in Afghanistan are to be closed indefinitely.

Obama Threatens More Iran Sanctions: The P5+1 talks with Iran begin this weekend, but White House officials confirmed that Obama and French President Nicolas Sarkozy discussed new sanctions in their conversation on Thursday. Washington’s demands for the Iranian nuclear program are similarly provocative and could foil the diplomatic push.

Syria’s Fragile Ceasefire Continues to Hold: The ceasefire that rebels called "doomed" began on Thursday and has largely held, with only a few scattered incidents. The Obama administration and hawks in Congress, however, have been quick to dismiss the potential for this peace overture to lead to something more sustainable, preferring military intervention instead.

US at Center of Chinese-Filipino Naval Dispute: China and the Philippines engaged in a naval standoff this week over competing claims over territorial waters. U.S. military ties and mutual defense agreements with the Philippines implicates U.S. action in such cases, but greater U.S. involvement in Asia-Pacific are part of a broader imperial plan to counter China’s regional influence, stoking interstate tensions in the region.

Opinion and Analysis:


Horton will also be speaking at the Austin Alliance for Peace rally on April 14 12pm-2pm on the south steps of the Texas State Capitol.


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  1. The attitude that most Americans have towards NDAA and NDRP are pretty scary. A lot of them have never even heard of them before. I asked one person what he thought of NDAA and he said “I don’t know, I don’t keep up with conspiracy theory stuff.” A law that allows US citizens to be detained by the military and shipped to Guantanamo Bay, and it’s a “conspiracy theory?” I guess the transition to a dictatorship will be quite easy if people have attitudes like that. If you don’t believe that martial law could happen here, just take a look at All the proof is there.

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