Iranian Jets Fire at US Drone

It seems very odd to me that this CNN reporter Pentagon spokesperson can say with a straight face that Iran fired unprovoked. Just imagine how Washington would respond to Iranian drones flying over US airspace.

  • El Tonno

    The poor unarmed drone.

    No really, is this retarded or what. It's a fracking drone, aka. a peasant incinerator. The whole idea is that no-one cares when it's being fired on. An "act of war"? Gimme a break.

    Next: Iranian dog poos in front of White House. A deliberate provocation? … you decide!!

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  • Wolf

    Why on earth are you watching CNN?

  • Richard Steven Hack

    The important comment from the Pentagon was the denial that the drone was ever in Iranian air space. If it wasn't, what was it doing there? Watching empty water? They admitted it was right NEXT to Iranian air space.

    Also, as others have noted, if you're a country and you see a drone running by your border, you know what it's there for – to penetrate your air space. This idea that the drone was just "watching the Gulf" is just nonsense. So of course you're going to shoot it down the first chance you get.

    They're lying – as always.

    What's more important is that they concealed this event until someone got wind of it in order to avoid the Romney campaign using it against Obama before the election. And now that Obama has won, they're using it to ramp up tensions with Iran yet again.

    Yet a number of idiots still think Obama is going to go for some "diplomatic solution". Dennis Ross today said Obama would end up arming the Syrian insurgents (big surprise to me – NOT!) and would offer Iran a "meaningful diplomatic solution" – before declaring that diplomacy has failed and attack Iran in 2013! Also a big surprise to me – NOT!

  • dave

    awe this is sad… stupid crap to continue the escalation. feels like the us has been dangling bait out there waiting for a bite.

  • michaelhamrin

    There really needs to be a reliable, consistent counter-news source who has the confidence and trust of US victim nations to get the straight scoop from their point of view. Our official elected officials will never gain the trust of victim nations (such as Iran), so those governments wisely clam up. Within the shell of the old order there must arise a replacement alternative. We cannot endure 4 more years of bullfeathers from the incumbents. That order must "pass from the pages of history". The sooner we start the better.

  • goldhoarder

    “This of course doesn’t make it okay for Iran to try to shoot the drone down, but it’s worth considering how that proximity might be perceived by an Iranian leadership that already feels under siege and threatened by the much more powerful United States.Last year, a U.S. drone crashed 140 miles within Iran’s eastern border.” From WaPost

    Lol. Really? We already have sent drones into their clounry but they don’t have the right to shoot them down.

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  • You were supposed to stop reading at this point (assuming that a) some of you can actually read and b) you read that far into this waste of time blog post): "There was no way of being certain if the strike was indeed American, or for that matter if it was a drone strike at all, although it had all the markings of one." thANKS