Benghazi Attack May Have Been Retaliation for Secret US Raids in Libya

According to a new book written by former Navy SEAL Jack Murphy and former Army Ranger Brandon Webb, Obama’s counter-terrorism adviser John Brennan was directing secret raids on militias in Libya which ultimately led to a retaliation in the form of the Sept. 11 attacks on the Benghazi Consulate that killed four Americans, including US Ambassador Chris Stevens.

Fox News:

“Brennan waged his own unilateral operations in North Africa outside of the traditional command structure,” the book says, calling it an “off the books” operation not coordinated with Petraeus and the CIA.

The authors then claim that these raids were a “contributing factor” in the militant strike on the U.S. Consulate and CIA annex on Sept. 11.

The raids, they said, “kicked the hornets’ nest and pissed off the militia.”

There has been much controversy over the Benghazi incident, but not because anyone suspected what this new book, with apparent inside information, claims. Rather, Congressional Republicans have criticized the Obama administration for not having enough security at the Consulate and for not being up front about whether the attack was a protest gone awry or a premeditated assault.

If the claims in the book are true, it is even more damning than previous accusations. The Republican talking points on the Benghazi incident were never very compelling to me. But has indeed focused on the fact that the Benghazi attack looked and smelled like blowback, resulting from US interventionism against the Gadhafi regime in 2011.

The allegations of these two Special Operations troops reinforces that thesis, although on the micro scale. Buy the book here.

14 thoughts on “Benghazi Attack May Have Been Retaliation for Secret US Raids in Libya”

  1. Chris Stevens was named 'ambassador' to Libya for his clandestine work in Libya as a 'diplomat' in the overthrow off Qaddafi

  2. Pepe Escobar claimed that the supposed consulate was actually a CIA black house in which they ran illegal guns and also mercenary fighters to places like Syria… and I believe that to be true..

  3. If Pakistan or Afghanistan had the guts to retaliate for the drone attacks, the US would stop this criminal and cowardly enterprise.

    1. Actually, there WAS retaliation. Don't you recall the suicide bombing in Afghanistan where a Jordanian double or triple agent took out several CIA officers?

  4. Did anyone notice during all those Congressional "investigations" and "inquisitions" that very little, if any, of the questions broached the subject of what was being done in that outpost – it wasn't part of the Consulate or Embassy. Almost all the questions were about the government's response (or lack of) to the attacks but nothing about why there and not at the Embassy. As stated above there were rumors that the CIA were running guns (again) but the Senators never went there. Just wondering.

    1. He's been a jerk about a lot of other things, but Rand Paul went there. However, he said he had no "evidence," and was roundly denounced by the mainstream.

    2. the investigation, including the one into the gun running seem to me to turn into limited hangouts and partisan games of political russian roulette.

  5. Curmudgeonvt: You are right on, and why would they pursue that line of questioning if it would put the very policies which they all endorsed (and, accordingly, they themselves) under scrutiny.

  6. Why really doesn't matter to me. What's important is that the Obama regime's neo-colonial actions, actions Steven supported strongly came back to bite them on the ass.

  7. The White House denied that there was any "stand down" order given causing the lack of defense against the attack. However, In an interview recently with Jack Murphy and Brandon Webb who have written a book "Benghazi, The Definitive Report" they both strongly asserted that their group of six was given a "stand down" order that prevented them from coming to the aid of the consul. It was their opinion that if there had not been a stand down order, they could have saved Ambassador Stevens.

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