US Sends Egypt 140,000 Tear Gas Canisters to Use on Peaceful Protesters


Washington hasn’t given up on repressing the Egyptian people:

A shipment of teargas canisters from the United States arrived at the Abadeya Port in Suez on Sunday, according to official documents obtained by Al-Masry Al-Youm.

Five containers carrying 140,000 teargas canisters were shipped to the Interior Ministry by Aramex International, a courier service based in Alexandria.

In case there is anyone out there thinking these canisters are for a deterrent effect, or some state-funded art project, the shipping documents explicitly stipulate that “the Egyptian government may use the canisters” but that “they are forbidden to re-export the shipment or sell it to third parties.” Hardly a difficult task for a despotic government dealing with rowdy citizens.

The decades-long US support for the Mubarak dictatorship in Egypt has already been virtually erased from history if you take it from the mainstream commentary. But even since Mubarak’s overthrow, Washington has been sending Egyptian security forces anti-riot gear, crowd control equipment and weaponry.

In addition, Washington continues to send about $1.5 billion to Egypt every year, mostly in security assistance and F-16 fighter jets, and offering even more in debt reliefapparently as a bribe to keep “American interests” a priority.

As The New York Times reported last year, US aid to Egypt helps keep the pockets of defense corporations nice and full. But the broader strategy there is the same as its always been: to bribe the Egyptian tyranny towards conformity to US interests.

“[T]he U.S. strategy in the region is to prefer a managed transition to civilian rule and democratic governance as long as the American major strategic objectives are not challenged,” wrote Esam Al-Amin last year. Namely, to “keep the Americans in, the Chinese and Russians out, the Iranians down, and the Israelis safe.”

Because really, what’s a few more battered and pummeled Egyptian citizens compared to the selfish interests of Washington?

17 thoughts on “US Sends Egypt 140,000 Tear Gas Canisters to Use on Peaceful Protesters”

  1. Let's get some things straight…

    Morsi was duly elected and is not an "Egyption tyrant". He's tried twice to get a parliament democratically elected, only to have a 'high court' from a previous regime thwart the election.

    The term "peaceful protesters" in the title is not a factual report. Nowhere does it say that tear-gas is for use on "peaceful protesters". In the riots that the disgruntled opposition staged after Morsi's election, there was plenty of vandalism, arson, stone-throwing, molotov cocktails, and attempts to storm and overrun the presidential residence from so-called "peaceful protesters".

    1. At least someone is paying attention. Calling the Egyptian rioters"peaceful protesters" is down right dishonest.

  2. Lets argue over the semantics and totally ignore that the US HAS propped up this dictatorship and TYRANNY for decades. Humanitarianism makes no distinction between democratically "elected" repression or old fashioned rule by one king. How peaceful would you appear when youre finally stepping up to a violent government who has been killing and oppressing you for years? Get a grip.

  3. Without comment on the current state of Egypt…and/or the MB…and/or this post advocating: 'anarchy', tyranny of the majority, and "illiberal" 'lynch-mob rule', I'll just post this quote:

    "As long term institutions, I am totally against dictatorships. But a dictatorship may be a necessary system for a transitional period. […] Personally I prefer a liberal dictator to democratic government lacking liberalism."

    –Fredrich von Hayek

  4. 140,000 cannisters of tear gas. Now that's USAID at it's finest. When the 'smoke' clears, Egypt will be worse off and that is exactly the design of Team Obama.

    1. The US sends billions of dollars worth of free stuff and welfare to Israel (Well, not really free because US taxpayers actually paid for it). To other countries it probably does sell.

  5. Let's hope they keep plenty here for us. Hollow points and tear gas. Nothing says tyrannical regime quite like that combination.

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