Nicholas Kristof Responds to Justin Raimondo

Nicholas Kristof responds to Justin Raimondo (at 01:15):

12 thoughts on “Nicholas Kristof Responds to Justin Raimondo”

  1. The despicable Kristof. I hope he reads Justin's columns.
    Kristof is always the humanitarian bomber. Saving lives by killing – beyond me.
    And then he is always a bit too interested in reforming prostitutes around the world – kind of like a fundamentalist preacher who is not practicing what he preaches.
    He is clearly bucking for a higher position at the NYT although he will have a hard time equalling the sleazy Bill Keller who was in a position of authority there when the NYT gave over its news columns to government lies, most notoriously the Judith Miller on WMD which even an amateur could see was nothing but hearsay and concoction.

  2. Raimondo is making waves…
    neocon goons and aipac lackeys show signs of going away…

    rumor in the pipe McCain is being edged out “aka retiring”…

    let’s send him packing b4 he can skip town, eh?

    that despicable warmonger should be hit with

    1) material support of known terrorist (photo op/PR blitz)

    2) perjury (O’bagy-gate)

    just say’n

  3. He's more of a humanitarian interventionist telling us that bombing Syria and arming rebels probably won't help the humanitarian situation much, and might even worsen it, but we should do it anyway to show that we mean well.

  4. Every week at my supermarket, several shopping carts full of unsold Sunday NYTs are there on Monday morning. Why does the store order so many more than they sell…?????? Week after week…????

  5. I am not sure if it has been frozen, but certainly there is an element in the party that has been there prior to [World War II], the isolationist, America-Firsters. Prior to World War I, it was Western senators, and then Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh

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