Iranian FM on Détente with US: ‘Iran Is Not Seeking a Nuclear Weapon’

This interview with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif on ABC’s This Week is well worth watching, despite the horrible Stephanopoulos.

  • Eric89si

    How can Zarif talking about Iran not wanting to get a nuclear weapon when they almost certainly already produce one?? Perhaps this is all just one of those <a target="_blank" href="">celebrities stunts or buying extra time etc. Anyways, apart from being kinda stunned by this interview, I'm actually glad Obama and Rouhani exchanged a few words, even-though by phone only…

    • Herb Schaffler

      In 2007, it was the opinion of 16 intelligence agencies that Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program. In the intelligence analysis for 2011, there was no change. Eric, do you claim to have more knowledge than these 16 intelligence agencies?

  • Herb Schaffler

    Stephanopoulis doesn't seem to realize that Iran has only enriched to the 20% level which is necessary for medical isotopes. He seems to be highly uninformed on this issue.

    • That's right, and the FM assumes Steph is smarter than he is and unfortunately doesn't explain to him that Iran is only at 20 percent.

  • The FM sounds very reasonable here, and Steph, if you know anything about US/Iran relations, is simply an imperially indoctrinated moron.

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