Ron Paul: Hey Obama, Leave Ukraine Alone!

Will a trade war over Ukraine erupt into a hot war? The face-off between the Russia and the U.S. along with its European followers continues to grow. With the spread of sanctions and retaliations, the forces of trade that are a natural check on the escalation of hostilities are undermined.

On this week’s podcast Charles Goyette and Ron Paul discuss the prospects for a U.S. – Russian proxy war in Europe.

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Charles Goyette is New York Times Bestselling Author of The Dollar Meltdown and Red and Blue and Broke All Over: Restoring America’s Free Economy. Check out Goyette and Paul’s national radio commentary: Ron Paul’s America and the Ron Paul and Charles Goyette Weekly Podcast. Goyette also edits The Freedom and Prosperity Letter.

33 thoughts on “Ron Paul: Hey Obama, Leave Ukraine Alone!”

  1. For Russia, this is a win-win scenario. Until the time is ripe, it'll continue injecting foreign fighters and money to keep Ukraine destabilized, which will prevent NATO from deploying any bases in Ukraine. For very little cost, it can keep this up for as long as wants–America cannot. If, however, the situation continues deteriorating in the Iraq, America will become preoccupied, thereby giving the Russians virtually free rein to do as they pleases in Ukraine.

    1. That doesn't make any sense at all.

      > it'll continue injecting foreign fighters and money to keep Ukraine destabilized,

      Citation needed. Also, the one injecting 30 billion is the IMF, Canada is shipping "non-lethal aid" and Poroshenko is suspiciously often seen testing NATO weapons.

      > will prevent NATO from deploying any bases in Ukraine.

      NATO can only "deploy bases in Ukraine" if Ukraine belongs to NATO. You can be sure that there will be popping sounds of tac nukes going off before that happens.

      > For very little cost, it can keep this up for as long as wants–America cannot.

      Fucking bullshit. The cost to Russia is enormous, and the cost to the EU too. The US is not affected, indeed it seems to be hellbent on using the EU as a pawn in the usual encircelement manoeuvers. I can't get why EUrocrats think they need to follow Team Amuricca in this stupidity.

      > Thereby giving the Russians virtually free rein to do as they pleases in Ukraine.


      > Neocon-engineered "revolution"
      > CIA director himself visiting the capital
      > Shelling of civilian areas by "our guys" that nobody gives a fuck about but that would warrant hysteria from Samantha Powers in any other case
      > Permanent warnings by Kerry, Powers and Obama
      > Hardcore rightwingers flocking to the scene to have a good time, no-one gives a damn
      > Accusing the "bad side" of antisemitism on prime TV, not retracting when flyers shown to be a hoax
      > The US' lapdogs UK and Canada are on board
      > A Lusitania inident involving a civilian airliner, where there is no indication about who did what
      > Hillary Clinton practically crawling into the camera with bloodlust
      > Breedlove "reactivating" cold war plans, talking about standing up to Russia
      > The permanently bemused Fog Rasmussen asking for more money
      > Totally incidentally, all EU members suddenly tasked to allocated 2% of GDP to NATO by law
      > Permanent accusations by unnamed "government officials"
      > No Ukraine threatens to cut gas supplies to Europe. Oh surprise.

      Yeap. a clear-cut case of Russian wanting "free rein" in Ukraine. Totally not a US power play. Must be legit.

    2. You do realize that it was the US and the EU that orchestrated this coup d'etat, and with it destabilized the whole country…
      Also, the southern and eastern part of Ukraine is inhabited by ethnic russans and has historical belonged to Russia, why should they accept a illegal government that wants to suppress them.
      And no, I am not russian.

    3. Russia is not 'injecting' foreign fighters in Ukraine. Some voluntary people (could be russian-speaking Ukrainians mostly) are there, probably. Kolomoisky on the Ukie side has bragged about financing militias with millions of dollars a month, OTOH.

      Ukraine was destabilized by the pro-EU coup organized and financed by Washington and EU neocons. Without praising the old government, it was still better (at least more reconciliatiory between ethnic groups) and more democratic than the one Washington installed.

  2. Andy, you got to be kidding. This lose-lose situation for Russia. Ukraine used to be Russia brother/friend, now it is public enemy No.1, and for the next * hundreds years.

    1. Which Ukraine? Russia was always enemy No.1 in Galicia, the part of Ukraine that was part of Austrohungarian empire, and is either Catholic or worse, Grekocatholic, or Ukrainian splinter of Orthodoxy, covertite communities that are more Catholic then Pope. This is not the whole Ukraine. Christian Orthodox Ukraine, if they call themselves Ukrainians or Russians, are oppressed under the regime stacked up by Galicians. Chocolate king was litterally put in play by US, to deflect focus on the fact that Ukraine now does not have a real pariament with a quorum to pass laws around the clock. That there is a "National Security Council" stacked with Right Sector, Freedom Party or Fatheland. And to make us forget the well known objective of decimating Christian Orthodox people, a real majority of people. This is why there will be no elections for parliament until they achieve this goal. US likes that, because the descendants of Nazis of Galicia are utterly loyal to US and Vatican, and are usefull tools just like Ustasas were in Croatia, or KLA in Kosovo, Tutsis in Rwanda, etc. etc. etc. In the long run — Russia will prevail. Eurasian economy cannot be stopped from growing, no matter how much we try. Chinese and Russian investments in Europe will in the end have a final say.

      1. I'm 2nd generation American Ukrainian Galician Greco Catholic and I was not aware that my ethnic groups were all Nazis. My, my – thank you so much for explaining my lineage. LOL. Also a supporter of Ron Paul or doesn't that fit in. Really, if the western Ukrainians are such a bunch of Nazis, how do you explain the Jewish presence in their government.

        1. " if the western Ukrainians are such a bunch of Nazis, how do you explain the Jewish presence in their government. "

          Jewish and non-jewish oligarchs are using nationalism/nazism to rally young Ukrainian men. Just like Israel is closer to national socialism than, probably, any other regime in the world today. Zionists cooperated with Hitler, too. It's not as if jews are immune to use nationalism as a tool.

  3. @YZhao: Ron Paul shares his wisdom and speaks truthfully as always, which is
    why so many admire him and don’t want him to “shut up”, in contrast to the
    neocon liars and their tools who have shown a complete lack of wisdom with
    their incessant warmongering that would blindly lead America into another Cold
    War, or worse.

    Americans overwhelmingly don`t want another war, we are tired of wars.

    So you shut up, and show some respect!

  4. We warned the American people log time ago, we said: you haven't seen nothing yet, wait till Hillary Clinton take over, what we didn't know was that the American people didn't have to wait for Hillary Clinton Barack Hussein Obama is doing what she is going to do when and if she elected as the next us Democratic Party pre elected president.

    1. Only she'll do it on steroids. She said her favorite republican is insane John McCain. Maybe he'll be nominated to be the next secretary of state.

    1. Refreshingly sensible. I deeply regret voting for Kerry, and then for Obama twice. I will never forgive them what they did to Ukraine. Next time I am voting Republican.

  5. I think Putin has miscalculated badly but now cannot extricate himself from ?the Ukraine mess less he now look weak to his own people or western sanctions make him and ?the Russian people hurt enough to say ouch. And all of that may take sometime. Question also is does ?the west have ?the will to best him. They have also I.think badly miscalculated Russia. Both world wars had plays of miscalcultion. This could all get terribly out of hand if not already. To ?the detriment of us all.

  6. Being a liberal and on the socialist side, I may have to eschew Hillary and vote against war with ugh! Rand Paul.

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