Vietnam vs. Afghanistan – Matched Mayhem, Ceaseless War

Between the fading bugles of Veterans Day weekend and Black Friday, my day-long musings invariably return to Vietnam, but this year there was a new wrinkle to my abstractions. You see, my granddaughter, Kaya, turns 14 next week and she has never lived in a time when her country wasn’t waging an unrelenting interventionist war somewhere. Not for one moment, and I couldn’t let it go.

So, what does that have to do with Vietnam? Well, as I grew up and unavoidably served in combat, I never thought "my war" was ever going to end. Never. It was always the mainspring of my very existence, and that of my contemporaries. It was also a monster with an insatiable appetite that devoured friends, relationships, plans and dreams, and no one could – or would – kill it, not a diplomat, not an elected Congress or President, no one.

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Risks of Lethal Aid to Ukraine: Defense Priorities

The U.S. Has No Strong Security Interests in Ukraine

  1. Ukraine is not a US ally, is distant from US shores, and holds little geopolitical significance.
  2. The United States should avoid entanglement in the Ukraine crisis, a conflict that could draw it into war with nuclear Russia.
  3. U.S.-Ukraine policy should encourage its settlement with Russia, not encourage it to continue the present conflict and become a perpetual ward of the US or EU – poisoning U.S.-Russian relations in the process.
  4. EU nations have a stronger interest in a peaceful and independent Ukraine – and should take greater responsibility for that outcome.

Costs and Benefits of Providing US Military Support to Ukraine

  • Advocates for lethal aid to Ukraine argue it raises the cost to Russian military adventurism and discourages future land-grabs. But that assumes that additional Russian aggression is likely and won’t be encouraged by aggressive US tactics.
  • No amount of US aid to Ukraine will enable it to defeat Russia. But aid draws the US and Ukraine closer together, shifting more of Ukraine’s security burden to the world’s only superpower.
  • US aid promotes moral hazard: (1) It encourages Ukraine to take a harder line against Russia that it cannot maintain on its own, and (2) it discourages Kiev from seeking a settlement with Moscow, prolonging the crisis.

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Trump To Steal Syria’s Oil – Sowing the Seeds of Blowback?

President Trump again swore yesterday that the US was in Syria to take its oil. Even as his staff scrambles for a more legal justification for the presence of US troops in the country. Meanwhile a new conservative veterans group is lobbying Washington with a simple demand: Bring Our Troops Home! Who will come out ahead? On today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

Ron Paul on Impeachment Hysteria! Washington Crippled, The World In Flames!

As Washington seizes up in impeachment fever, Hong Kong and Bolivia (among others) go up in flames. Washington’s foreign policy is creating chaos worldwide while the kangaroos are holding court on Capitol Hill. Watch today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

Bolivia Coup: Is Washington Pulling the Strings?

Does it seem like we’ve seen this movie before? Populist Latin American leader on the outs with Washington finds himself facing a coup? This time it’s Bolivia’s Evo Morales, who resigned the presidency on Sunday and was granted asylum by Mexico. Is Washington involved? And why bother with relatively unimportant Bolivia? Watch today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.