The War Party Has the Gold

We Just Have YOU

The War Party's wallet is filled to overflowing. In addition to dozens of pro-war think-tanks, media outlets, and deep-pocketed lobbyists, they have the U.S. Treasury at their command.

We, on the other hand, have… you.

The U.S. government's foreign policy of perpetual war impoverishes us all – all but a select few, who reap massive profits by selling the instruments of war. The infamous military-industrial complex is marketing not just tanks, bombs, planes, and all the other hi-tech gadgetry that energizes the Empire's killing machine, but also the false and dangerous idea that the U.S. has the right – and the duty – to police the world.

We, too, are in the business of marketing ideas – first and foremost, the idea that America must lead by example, not by means of coercion and conquest.

In this battle of ideas, we are outgunned and outspent by huge margins. The War Party has billions in cash on hand. Once again, we have you.

We don't have any billionaire backers or government subsidies, just the voluntary contributions of thousands of ordinary people all over the world, averaging about $50 a shot. It isn't much, but it gives us the strength to go on.

There has never been a time when's presence on the Internet was more essential to the cause of peace. We are on the brink of war on so many fronts that it is almost impossible to keep track of them – yet we do keep track. Because it's our job.

But we can't do our job without your support. It's as simple as that. Your contribution is vital to our continued existence, and it's tax-deductible. Which means you can send your hard-earned money to the War Machine, or you can spend it on a more peaceful world.

Do you have to think about that choice for even a moment? Make your contribution today.*

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*If you contribute $200 or more, you will get an autographed copy of Justin Raimondo's just-reissued Reclaiming the American Right: The Lost Legacy of the Conservative Movement, the story of how the neocons took over the conservative movement and buried the true history of the anti-interventionist Right. It exposes the radical origins of neoconservatism while harking back to an older tradition of opposition to foreign wars. And if you contribute $500 or more, you will get a personally-inscribed copy of the book (your choice of message).