Essays Against Intervention:
Question the Media

There are many web resources on the history of the Bosnian conflict. We will not try to compete with these resources. Some of these resource lists are listed on our links page. Instead, we will offer some alternative historical perspectives. Your suggestions are welcome.

  The Stench of Yellow Journalism
 by William Dorich

  Media Bias in Yugoslav War (extensive links to articles)
 from Geopolitcs

  Gulf War Stories the Media Loved -- Except They Aren't True
 from EXTRA!, published by Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting

  News, advertising or propaganda?
 by Richard Kulics

  CIA Atrocity Report Rejected by Pentagon, UN Sources
 by Serbnet Media Center

  The truth behind Pentagon's war in Bosnia
 by Nadja Tesich

  Serbien muss sterbien
 by Hannah Arendt

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