US Combat Deaths in Iraq Top 150
Updated July 21, 2003

by Mike Ewens

Within the past 24 hours, another three US soldiers have been killed in the "guerrilla-type campaign" engulfing Iraq. The rocket attack on their convoy brought the number of combat deaths to 152 – 38 since May 1st. Surpassing the first Gulf War total, the casualty count has steadily increased despite the official end to hostilities.

The Pentagon has claimed that "time is running out" for the US to bring security to Iraq, while American soldiers – eager to go homefeel less secure as their mission is prolonged:

“I always feel like I’m a target,” says Spc. Anthony Gisi, standing in a Humvee behind the most powerful weapon these soldiers have to defend themselves — a mounted .50-caliber machine gun. “Kind of feel like bait up here in the gunner’s hatch.”

President Bush's statement about Iraqi resistance – "Bring 'em On!" – is unfortunately ringing fatally true for too many American soldiers, leading many citizens to demand: "Bring 'em Home!"

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Mike Ewens is Associate Editor/Student Coordinator of and an economics and mathematics major at Washington University in St. Louis.


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