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-'s student activism page.
UK Stop the War Coalition - The UK movement to stop the aggression against the Middle East.
United for Peace - peace events throughout America. - updates on events and relevant commentary.
Libertarians for Peace - The Iraq Crisis homepage.
The Truth About War -
Exposing the lies of the media and politicians.
Veterans Against The Iraq War
American-Arab Anti-discrimination Committee
Should Conservatives Participate in Leftist Demonstrations?

Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq A great site fighting for a great cause.
Contact your representative about stopping the war before it starts House of Rep. link


Iraq Research Iraq Research's is an online depository of documents and information related to the ongoing conflict between the United States, the United Nations and Iraq.
Iraq Action Coalition
"An online media and activists' resource center for groups and activists who are working to end the war against the people of Iraq."
American against World Empire, Americans Against Bombing
A Conservative/Libertarian coalition opposed to .the bombing which brings retaliation from enemies that we ourselves create, turning our free Republic into a military empire.
Gunning for Saddam PBS site covering the debate, with great commentary and links
Permanent Mission of Iraq to the United Nations, New York UN site summarizing all the relevant debates and press releases.
The Iraqi News Agency Straight from Iraq...unfiltered.
The Children of Iraq Site devoted to the victims of the sanctions.
Washington Report on Middle East Affairs News and commentary site devoted to the tumultuous region.
Important lists of quotes from Scott Ritter, former head of the UN weapons inspection tea

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