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Student activism represents one of the most important aspects of any peace movement. Unfortunately, a libertarian peace movement which transcends Left and Right is completely non-existent . Therefore, a concerted effort is being made by a committed group of students to gather others to network listings of activist events, facilitate our upcoming speakers tour and educate campuses around the country.

Below is a summary of events and resources currently available or in the works here at

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In liberty and peace,
Mike Ewens
Associate Editor/Student Coordinator


Student Activism Update - don't register!
Critical Media Literacy in Times of War
Shine, Perishing Republic: Justin Raimondo
Ex-CIA director: U.S. faces 'World War IV'
Don't Forget Afghanistan
The Four Reasons - great resource!

::General listing of student activism resources::

Campus Anti-War Network
United for Peace: Students and Youth Rising Up
Stop Patriot Act II

Critical Media Literacy in Times of War

A great resource for understanding the relationship between the mainstream media and war reporting. Covers the War on Terror and the wars on Iraq.

Check out their flyers, here and here.

Students for a Libertarian Society (SLS) has been reborn to fill a void in the student movement. A national federation of student groups throughout America, SLS represents the ambitious goal of gathering excited and devoted students to act as activists, educators and promoters of liberty as the highest political end. More

United for Peace

Check out their updated listing of events and news!


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