Resource Sites

These links are not meant to be exhaustive, but rather a growing list of resources and links to news, actions, publications, and organizations opposing American intervention in Iraq, as well as background and ammuntion for activists which may originate from pro-war sources. The Committee Against U.S. Intervention takes no responsibility for what is posted on these sites. If you would like to comment or to suggest a site, please emal us.

CIA World Factbook
on Iraq

Defense Department
Iraq Page

Operation Desert Fox
Pentagon Site

State Department
Iraq Page

U.S. Navy Gulf News

Center for Security Policy

International Campaign to Indict Iraqi War Criminals

Iraq National Congress
Opposition Group)

Middle East Institute

Military Analysis Network

Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq

Northern Watch
(No-Fly Zone Coalition)

Fourth Freedom Forum (Pro-Peace through War group)

Radio Free Iraq

Royal Air Force (UK)
Iraq Page

United Nations

UN Security Council


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