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Updated May 25, 2019 - 2:58 PM EDT
US General: NATO ‘Stalemated’ in Afghanistan
  Afghans Say 13 Civilians Killed in US-Led Strike
  Afghan Civilian Casualties May Surge as Well
  Commander Says 60,000 US Troops Needed in Afghanistan for Years
  Afghanistan Slipping Out of Control
Pakistan 'Privately' Backing US Drone Attacks
  Google Earth Reveals Secret History of US Base in Pakistan
  Pakistani Accord Appears Stalled
  Allies Alarmed by Pakistan Deal With Taliban
  Pakistan Takes Risk Letting Islamists Have Their Law
Fireworks Expected in Israeli Coalition Talks
  Israel: Gaza Borders Closed Until Soldier Freed
  Fears of New Violence as Gaza Truce Hopes Recede
Maliki Challenged in Speaker Vote Runoff
  After Praise, Poetry, Iraqi Shoe-Thrower Faces Trial
  Iraq's Kurdish-Arab Tensions Threaten to Escalate Into War
Guantánamo Uighur Prisoner Release Overturned
Sri Lanka Rejects Truce, 50 Reported Dead in Air Strikes
Washington's Praise of Venezuelan Vote Suggests Détente
Iran and the West: A History of Violence  by Eric Margolis
Guantánamo: Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics  by Andy Worthington
Do We Still Pretend That We Abide by Treaties?  by Glenn Greenwald
Counter Intelligence  by Philip Giraldi
Hollywood's New Censors  by John Pilger
A Nasty Privilege, Reasserted
Boston Globe

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General: New Troops Will Be Operational by Summer
KBR Wins US Army Contract
After Stimulus Package, Pentagon Officials Are Preparing to Pare Back
Not So Fast on Afghanistan, Top Democrat Warns
Palestine Backer or Israeli Spy? Lebanese Shock Over Arrest
Ecuador Expels Another US Diplomat for Interfering
Documents: DHS Passed Protest Info to Md. Police
IAEA Candidates a Study in Contrasts
Clinton Sees New Role for Indonesia
in US 'Smart Power'
Iraq Occupation
US Commander: 200 Arrested in Southern Iraq in One Year
Soldier Pleads Guilty to Assault in Iraq Death
Soldier Seen With Pistol Before Prisoners Killed
New Lessons for the Army on Iraq Duty
7 Shi'ite Pilgrims Die in Crash With UK Vehicle in Southern Iraq
Today in Iraq
MP: Plot Against Maliki in Iraqi Parliament
Wednesday: 3 Iraqis Killed, 2 Wounded; 7 Iraqis Die in Accident With UK Military Vehicle
Uighur Detainees at Guantánamo Pose a Problem for Obama
Obama Urged to Create Special Detainee Commission
Sweden Grants Asylum to Former Guantánamo Detainee
'War on Terror'
Brown Says No Cover Up Over Torture Allegations
Qatada Can Be Deported Despite Torture Fears, UK Law Lords Rule
UK Judge Dismisses Jury in Airline Plot Case
3rd Liberty City Six Trial Finally Set to Begin
Osama Hunt: Can UCLA Trump CIA?
Russia Freezes Sale of S-300 to Iran
Iran Says It Has Built Unmanned Aircraft
Blast at Iranian Mosque, No Casualties: Report
Iran Accuses Seven Bahai Leaders of Espionage

Cyprus: Iran Ship Can Leave Without Suspect Cargo

Report: Syria 'Rebuilding' Chemical Weapons Capability
Syrian President Hopeful of Restoring US Ties
US Wants Syria to Help Disarm Hezbollah: Sen. Kerry
Israeli Politics
Peres Forsees 'Blessed Partnership' Ruling Israel
Likud: Only Bibi Can Form Government
Arab League Chief: a Right-Wing Israeli Govt Will at Least Say No to Our Face
Israel's Coalition Options
Israeli Justice Minister: Military Defended Gaza Civilians
Hamas Rival: Gaza Aid Should Go Directly to Needy
Unexploded Bombs Missing in Gaza: UN
Hamas: Israel Stabbed Egypt in the Back Over Gaza Truce
Egypt Frees Dissident From Prison After 3 Years
Russians, Georgians Agree to Let Monitors Roam
Poles, Czechs Fear Loss of Bases
Afghan Civilian Deaths Rose 40 Percent in 2008
New Route Links Afghanistan to Sea, Via Iran
US Troop Buildup in Afghanistan Could Be a Defining Moment
Georgia to Send Troops to Afghanistan
Italy to Boost Troops in Afghanistan: Govt

NATO Revisits Afghan Strategy as US Troops Ready to Deploy

US General Visits Afghan Bomb Site for Death Claim
Obama Faces Uphill Struggle in Afghanistan
Karzai, Obama Talk for First Time Since Inauguration
Karzai Expects Reduced Tensions With US
Islamist Cleric Leads Peace March in Pakistan's Swat Valley After Signing Sharia Deal With Islamabad
Reporter Shot After Peace Rally in NW Pakistan
North Waziristan Militants to Halt Operations
Pakistani Taliban Network Developing in Karachi
US Quiet on Pakistan Peace Deal With Taliban
Pakistan Mulls Sending Mumbai Investigators to India
Security Forces Kill 10 Taliban in Bajaur
Zardari: World Needs to Help Pakistan Fight Militancy
Pakistan, Afghanistan to Participate in US Policy Review
North Korea
Upstaging Clinton, North Korea Exerts Influence
Report: North Korea Launch Could Be Ready in Two Weeks
North Korea: Missile, Nuclear Programs Pose No Threats
North Korea's Kim Jong Il Makes Rare Election Pitch
Russia Queries North Korea Ship Detention
China Hopes for Continuity as Clinton Visits
Optimism Grows for US-China Military Talks
Tibetans Arrested After China Protests: Activist Groups
Chinese County Locked Down After Tibet Protests
Clinton Hints of Possible Shift on Myanmar Policy
India Admits Not Pursuing Prior Info on Mumbai Attacks
Maoist Hopes of 'New Nepal' Dashed as Conflict Mounts
Sudan 'Bombs Rebels' Day After Darfur Deal
UN Says Darfur Peacekeepers Deployment Delayed
Witnesses: Ethiopian Troops Return to Southwest Somalia
Zimbabwe Opposition Figure to Be Tried for Terrorism
Al-Qaeda in North Africa Claims UN Diplomats Hostages
UN Accused of Failing to Protect Congo Civilians

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Tangled Webs

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Warning from Bosnia for Iraq

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Squaring the Pentagon

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Peacemaking at a Raiders' Game

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Abe Foxman's 'Anti-Semitic Pandemic'

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'Good Cop, Bad Cop' Approach to Pakistan

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Business Over Bluster

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