Allied Farce:
A Wartime Diary

Past Diaries

by Justin Raimondo



Two weeks into the war, and suddenly the lilting tones of British accents are everywhere: half the weekend anchors on CNN, and certainly all of the NATO spokesmen are Brits – Commodore Wilby and Jamie Shea being the most visible. The daily press briefing aired on television has an eerie quality, as if we are living in an alternate universe where the American Revolution never happened. British Prime Minister Tony Blair is even more militantly outspoken on the need for NATO intervention in Kosovo, and the British media are even more rabid than our own. Public opinion in the United Kingdom is solidly behind ground troops – on the implicit understanding that most of those troops will be Americans, of course. How are the American people going to take the casualty figures being announced by these arrogant limeys, with their insufferable air of priggish self-righteousness? The Brits dragooned us into two world wars – are they now angling for a third?


Last time the Brits intervened in Yugoslavia, they worked mightily to undermine the anti-Communist Mikhailovich and his Chetnik resistance movement and finally succeeded in installing the Communist dictator Tito. Marshall Tito and his Communist Partisans were ensured of a postwar victory by the direct intervention of the British Foreign Office, which was at that time filled with Soviet moles. As the Soviets advanced closer to Nazi-occupied Yugoslavia, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill made the decision to abandon the anti-Communist resistance movement. The pro-Communist Partisans, working in tandem with the Germans, the pro-Axis Croatian Ustashi and the Moslem Militia units (whose uniforms and insignia are incorporated into today's KLA) eliminated the Chetniks. This time around, the Brits are building up the KLA and doggedly undermining what is left of Yugoslavia - in both cases making sure that Serbian nationalism is crushed.


We keep hearing about the mystery of the "missing" Albanian men from hysterical newscasters and NATO propagandists: where oh where are the young Albanian men in the Great Kosovar Exodus? There is a "strange lack" of fighting-age men among the hundreds of thousands of refugees, they say, and the clear implication is that the Hitlerian Serbs have shipped them off to "death camps" and made them into lampshades. There has, in fact, been an almost frantic search for such "death camps," with fuzzy aerial reconnaissance photos of indeterminate significance and all kinds of speculation treated solemnly as fact. Like the search for evidence of UFOs, however, the quest for hard evidence of "genocide" – a word that has been bandied about quite freely of late – is so far not forthcoming. But the whole tissue of lies begins to come apart, like a cheap sweater, once we begin to pull at the loose ends. For example, the brouhaha about the "missing" Albanian men is a complete hoax. Last week, Jamie Shea demanded "Will the authorities in Belgrade please tell us what has happened to the Kosovo Albanian men between the ages of 16 and 60?" A few hours later, the answer was in: as the Boston Globe put it, "the mystery was not simply where the men had gone, it was why, after days of reports about missing Albanian men, they suddenly appeared to be streaming across the border from Kosovo." By late night on April 3rd, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees confirmed the sudden influx of Kosovar males into Albania and Macedonia. "The reappearance of so many of the presumed dead," caustically observed Globe reporter Anne E. Kornblut, "raised broader questions about the quality of the information NATO officials receive and distribute to the world."


But still the UN High Commissioner said that "this doesn't account for all the missing men," and the stories of mass slaughter persist. What these stories ignore is that the KLA has announced that it is drafting all men of military age. The rebels set up roadblocks at the Kosovo border and kidnapped the men as they came out. The London Independent [3/31/99] reported that KLA fighters, armed and with the cooperation of the Albanian authorities, were stationed at border crossings looking in vehicles and under awnings for draft-resistors, stopping all young men and forcibly conscripting them into the Kosovo "Liberation" Army: "Fatmir Krasniqi, 21, was forcibly recruited to the struggle by the KLA at the Kosovo-Albanian border." Hours before, his mother had died of a heart attack after the long trek from Pristina. "They took Fatmir last night, " said the boy's father, "but I went and showed them the death certificate for my wife, so they released him for one or two days." The "missing" Albanian men will be found soon enough - when they come roaring back into Kosovo armed and outfitted courtesy of the U.S. taxpayers, an army of "liberation" backed up by U.S. air power.


The total number of Yugoslav dead as a result of the bombing has, today, reached 300, according to the Yugos, with 3,000 injured, many of them seriously. This is what they call "collateral damage" – one of the choicer phrases in NATO's vocabulary of mass murder.


Speaking of the vocabulary of mass murder: How many times do we have to hear everyone from General Wesley Clark to President Clinton to various and sundry NATO spokesmen repeat the same odious phrase over and over when describing the fate they seek to inflict on the Serbian people? We intend, they say at every opportunity, to "disrupt, degrade, and diminish" not only Serbian air defenses but the Serbian economy, the Serbian will to resist, and the Serbian people themselves. The monstrous evil of the "Allies" and their political goals is reflected in the ugliness of their language – and the sadistic gleam in their eyes as they intone this grotesque mantra.


Aside from continuing reports coming out of Greece that the bodies of 15 American servicemen, casualties of the war, have secretly been shipped back to the States from a hospital in Thessalonika, we continue to monitor reports in the Yugo media that claim they have downed many more Allied planes than NATO has acknowledged. If we take their claims seriously, then as many as 80 Allied planes have been shot down. We have not run these stories because they are sketchy, at best, and not too credible. But on second thought, these stories are no more or less credible than the propagandistic swill coming out of the press room at NATO headquarters. Look at the record: NATO at first denied that the three captured American soldiers were anywhere near Serbian territory, and then admitted to the "possibility" that they may have wandered over Macedonia's border with Kosovo. NATO initially denied shelling Pristina into oblivion and actually tried to blame the Serbs – and then admitted that their "surgical" airstrikes had caused some "collateral damage." A few days ago, Commodore Wilby was absolutely certain that a Serb-run "concentration camp" was in operation near Pristina, but this was quickly disproved. We already know that several prominent Albanians who were listed as dead by NATO – supposedly murdered by the Serbs - have since been resurrected. The question must be raised: what else are they lying about?


While the War Party has recruited heavily among the Hollywood glitteratti, with such Valkyries of political correctness as Bianca Jagger and Vanessa Redgrave beating the drums for war, not all the Beautiful People want to reduce Belgrade to ashes. The Drudge Report (4/12/99) reveals that Elizabeth Taylor is none too pleased at the escalation of the NATO airstrikes. In London to receive an award from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, Liz let loose at the War Party: "This could accelerate into something disastrous where unnecessary lives are lost. I think that would be just awful. I think everyone should tend to their own wars!" If we must have a female Secretary of State, why not replace the malevolent frump Madeleine "Bombs Away" Albright with the glamorous Liz, who shows more foreign policy acumen than Albright, Sandy Berger, and James Rubin combined?


The number of aging Vietnam war protesters and left-wing cranks who have suddenly discovered the virtues of U.S. imperialism continues to grow. Bogdan Denitch and Ian Williams make the left-wing case for war in the current issue of the Nation: "Real internationalists can hardly use the dubious rights of 'national sovereignty' to oppose action to stop massacres," they opine. "Opposition to US military intervention is an understandable rule of thumb, but it shouldn't become obsessive dogma." Why be "obsessive" about such trifles as principles – after decades of apologias for foreign totalitarian regimes, it shouldn't be too hard to perform the same service on behalf of NATO. Besides, it pays much better, as no doubt Denitch, director of the Institute for Transitions to Democracy, which operates in Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia, is well aware. His Institute has been heavily subsidized by George Soros, the multi-billionaire speculator and fellow "internationalist" whose hatred of capitalism is second only to his hatred of nationalism, whether it be American or Serbian. As the chief moneybags behind the American Committee to Save Bosnia and the Action Council for Peace in the Balkans, two major interventionist groups instrumental in getting us into the Bosnian quagmire, Soros has been buying up left-wing intellectuals and publicists by the dozen – an investment that seems to be paying off in spades.

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