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September 27th, 2023

Imran Who? the Risky Shift in UK Policy Towards Pakistan House Kills Gaetz Amendment to Ban Transfer of Cluster Bombs
Somalia's Bid to Delay AU Troop Drawdown Rejected Western Sanctions on Russian Diamonds Set to Disrupt a Global Industry
Violence, Rape, Impunity Grow Worse in Haiti, UN Chief Warns More Than 35,000 Victims of Sexual Violence in Colombia's Conflict: Tribunal
Six Slain Teenagers Found in Central Mexico, Another Rescued Burkina Faso's Junta Says Its Intelligence and Security Services Have Foiled a Coup Attempt
US Visa Deal to Ease Travel to Israel for Palestinian Americans Here's How a Government Shutdown Would Affect the Military
Trudeau Apologizes for Tribute to Vet Who Fought in WWII Nazi Unit Vietnam Protests China's AIS Ground Stations in the Paracel Islands
Russia Says US and UK Helped Coordinate Attack on Crimea Israeli Settlers Assault Palestinian Farmers Near Ramallah
The UK Approves a Controversial $3.8-Billion Oil and Gas Project Civil Rights Group Sues DHS Over Israel Visa Waiver
Ukrainian Su-27 That Mysteriously Vanished After Private US Sale Resurfaces China Says Major Drills Around Taiwan Were Done to Combat 'Separatists'
Several Parties Condemn Mali Junta's 'Unilateral' Move to Postpone Presidential Vote France's Former Envoy to Niger Returns to Paris After Weeks of Tension
Philippines Says It Will Remove Any Barrier China Installs in the Disputed South China Sea Nine Years Later, Families of 43 Missing Mexican Students March to Demand Answers in Emblematic Case
Qatar Airways Executive Says Invasive Gynecological Examinations of Passengers Won't Be Repeated Azerbaijan Arrests the Former Head of Separatist Government After Recapturing Nagorno-Karabakh
North Korea Warns US Has World on Brink of Nuclear War Solomon Islands Leader Says He Skipped Biden Summit to Avoid 'Lecture'
El Salvador Police Report Says Crackdown Leaves 43,000 Tied to Gangs Still Free Plans for Poland's First Nuclear Power Plant Move Ahead as US and Polish Officials Sign an Agreement
Russia's Putin Orders Government to Stabilize Retail Fuel Prices 'State of War': Residents, Police Describe Heavy Battle in Northern Kosovo
Lebanese Military Court Sentences ISIS Official to 160 Years in Prison UN Peace Envoy, Egypt Working to Restore Calm Along Gaza Fence
Several Hundred Wagner Fighters Return to Ukraine, Impact Limited: Ukraine Military Ukraine Asks UN Court to Hear Genocide Case Despite Russian Objection
Ukraine Grain Corridor Should Not Replace Broader Deal: UN Trade Chief The Czech Government Has Approved a Defense Ministry Plan to Acquire Two Dozen US F-35 Fighter Jets
Factbox: What Happened to Other US Soldiers Who Defected to North Korea? Armenians in Russia Return Home to Help Karabakh Refugees
Sen. Menendez Pleads Not Guilty to Bribery Charges in Federal Court Bill Would Ease Federal Loan Forgiveness Process for Troops, Vets
Where Does Your State Rank in Defense Spending? US Expresses Support for Anti-Assad Protesters in Southern Syria
Sen. Tuberville Says Military Not Equal Opportunity Employer Exemption Given for Navy to Build Nuclear Sub in Stopgap Funding Bill
Defense Secretary Austin's Salary Cut to $1 Under GOP Budget Plan Australian F-35 Crews End Their Asian Exercise Spree in Indonesia
Bulgaria to Provide Air Defense Missiles to Ukraine Iran Says Netanyahu Threatened Nuclear Attack in UN Speech
Morocco and Algeria Debate Western Sahara at UN Tunisia's Saied Congratulates North Korea on Holiday, Prompts Ridicule
Iran Indicts Four US Presidents Over Their Support for Shady Royalist Group Palestinian Authority Thanks Germany for Spurning Netanyahu's 'Greater Israel' Map
Norway 'Backs One-State Solution' to Palestine Conflict Critic of Tunisia's President Saied on Hunger Strike Against Detention
Egyptian MP Ahmed Tantawi Targeted With Predator Spyware After Announcing Presidential Ambitions Egypt Plants Informants on Presidential Bid of Ahmed Tantawi
Palestinian Family of Five Shot Dead at Home in Crime-Related Murder Wave As Many as 12 Bodies Found Strewn Around Monterrey in Northern Mexico
What Is the Khalistan Movement? How Is It Linked to India-Canada Tensions? South China Sea: Beijing Hits Back at Manila Over Scarborough Shoal Barrier 'Farce'
US Halts Foreign Assistance to Gabon After August 30 Coup Pakistan's Ahmadis Living in Fear as Graves, Religious Sites Attacked
House Oversight Republicans Say New Bank Subpoena Shows Hunter Listed Biden Wilmington House in Wires With China Iran's IRGC Successfully Puts Third Imaging Satellite Into Orbit
Ukraine Asks West to Bomb Drone Factories in Iran and Syria South Korea Shows Off Military Hardware in Display of Might
Pakistan Ex-Pm Imran Khan Moved to Another Jail After Custody Extended More Than a Third of Nagorno-Karabakh's Ethnic Armenians Flee, Says Yerevan
Biden Administration Confirms It Will Let Israelis Travel Visa-Free to US Slovakia's Knife-Edge Election to Determine Stance on Ukraine
Third Bahraini Soldier Dies After 'Houthi Drone Attack' Near Saudi Border Saudi Envoy 'Cancels Al-Aqsa Visit' After Backlash Over Possible Israel Deal
US Includes Ally, Egypt, in List of Countries Using Child Soldiers US Soldier Who Crossed Into North Korea 2 Months Ago Is in American Custody, US Officials Say

September 26th, 2023

UN Chief Cites 'Madness' of Nuclear Arms Race A Toxic Legacy: What America Left Behind in Afghanistan
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