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Posted January 11, 2002

Unbridled WhiteMaleEgo

[Regarding Joseph Stromberg's column of January 5, "Conserving Nothing":]

I was rolling back and forth on the floor with tears in my ears laughing out loud over what you wrote. A breath of fresh air, and a full head of oxygen. If I was 40 years younger I would have your children. Thank you for a wonderful read. It is hard feeling like the only person in America who is not happy with The NewWorldOrderOverlord. I have been ragging about the NWO since the early sixties. I listened to Eisenhower and believed every word he said about BigBusiness becoming a BeastOutOfControl that would wreak havoc and hate around the world. The new military/industrial/corporate Mafia that is controlling the Free World is soon to die. Too many people worldwide are starting to ask questions. One thing about the unbridled WhiteMaleEgo is that it always underestimates its subordinates. In its response to its own fear of loss, it will not be able to stop the public that will overthrow it and pull the plug on its cruelly and atrocities. People are much smarter than the mentality that is presently in the White House.

~ Sheryl J.

Fox in the Henhouse

While opposing US hegemony and sympathetic to sentiment expressed in headline, "What US Taxpayer Should Know," ... [by Tom Malthaner, FrontierPost.com, January 4], I was very disappointed to find the approach a thinly-disguised leftist screed. The very idea that government is "entitled" to certain taxes (and that those who give in ways that are considered tax-deductible are robbing their fellow citizens) is the basis of western imperialistic attitudes and is how we got to this terrible place (an out-of-control federal monolith). I think ... that the content on the Antiwar.com site is in danger of becoming so laboriously left-wing that it will be dismissed by the vast majority of American readers offhand. Certainly, the US government could not afford to spend as it has on the current "War on Terror" if it were subject to the same restrictions under which our first President labored. I'm not saying leftists shouldn't write about US foreign policy. I am saying leftists should not pretend concern for the poor American taxpayer while they're at it -- comes across as analysis from the fox in the henhouse. Not really worth considering. If Antiwar.com wants to keep any right-wingers (who love the Constitution) as readers, start cracking down on the nutball articles -- or at least increase analysis from the right.

~ Stuart G., Washington

Flirting with Conflagration

[Justin Raimondo's] ... articles concerning the Israeli-Indian axis are right on the mark, and deserve greater mainstream attention. The Indian gameplan with respect to Kashmir and Pakistan is very similar to that of the Israeli gambit in Palestine. Manipulate the "War on Terrorism" to garner Western support for implementing broader (geo)political goals that have very little to do with fighting terrorism. I suspect that the Indian government secretly doesn't mind the fact that the December 13 attack on their parliament has so fortuitously provided it with a "casus belli" to wield as political leverage against Pakistan -- in the process, however, flirting with a deadly nuclear conflagration.

~ D. Ellsberg


[Regarding Justin Raimondo's column of January 4, "India's Amen Corner":]

Hate to pick on a minor detail, but the BJP only came to power in 1996 for 13 days after the 1996 elections. The BJP did become the largest party in the Indian Lok Sahba in 1996 but a minority coalition led by the BJP only lasted 13 days and fell when it was obvious that they could not command a majority. A center-left United Front government with outside support from Congress then came into power. For sure attacks against Christians surged that year as it was clear that the BJP was growing in power. It then took another leap when the BJP coalition came into power in 1998. It is funny that when attacks against Christians and Churches surged all over India following the BJP coming into power and a lot of tough talk by the likes of RSS/VHP, the BJP government claimed that ISS of Pakistan was responsible. Now the BJP government claims that ISS of Pakistan is responsible for the most recent attacks against in New Delhi. They are most likely correct but like the boy who cried wolf, it is hard to take their claims seriously as then seem to blame ISS of Pakistan for everything under the sun.

~ Tony Tang


[Regarding Justin Raimondo's column of July 2, "India's Terrorist Minister":]

Congratulations on a little-known topic and the connection between Hindutva and Zionism. As an observer of both I am hardly surprised of their devilish alliance. If there was any two racist and supremacist ideologies then these are it. We hear so much about women's right in Muslim countries but not the bride-burning of "dowry brides," of the most inhumane treatment of the Dalits by the upper-caste Brahmins who peddle in child prostitution and pedophilia without any accountability on the basis of their standing in caste hierarchy.

~ CS, United Kingdom

8th Wonder of the World

[Regarding Justin Raimondo's column of January 4, "India's 'Amen Corner'":]

If somebody reads your article, they may be thinking India is Hindu fundamentalist country. It's not, the ruling BJP is a coalition government; it has support in only 2 states out of 24. They got the votes from the states that had the most dramatic effect in the India-Pakistan separation. (There were millions ... killed, so still there are unhealed wounds in the North of India.) Don't generalize India as a Hindu state, its constitution is secular....

Actually, India is more democratic than America, with 24 languages, thousands of dialects, a 100,000-caste system. They are trying to live together, I call it the 8th wonder of the world that still India is united and fully democratic.... Hinduism has its own faults and has its own fundamentalism but I've never seen them attack Christians, except in a few (North India) places where some bad stuff's going on. You should understand America's racism is worse than these few skirmishes you are talking about.

~ Alex K.

China and India

Regarding R.N's letter "India and Israel" (January 4,) [in which R.N. wrote] "lets hope China stays out of it...."

Whatever China's shortcomings, ... history shows that China, unlike many vaunted democracies, does not have a tradition of meddling in others' business; rather, China is more often than not at the receiving end of imperialism. India has only themselves to blame for being aggressive and it's their intransigence that finally drove China and Pakistan together.

~ Deng Xi Chang

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