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Posted January 21, 2002


I enjoyed ... [Justin Raimondo's] article on warblogs.

...As far as opinions being like a**holes, not only does everybody have one but in this case many are one. I find it an Orwellian twist that anyone who supports state terrorism, i.e. war, would have the balls to call themselves libertarian and pass judgment on those of us who don't and also accuse us of being "unpatriotic" when we propound the wisdom of the founders of this republic.

~ Robin A.

Egomaniacal Bloggers

Why does ... [Justin Raimondo] even bother mentioning these bloggers? They're not worth it. By dedicating a whole column to their egomaniacal websites, you honor them, give them recognition, even glorify them. The country is filled with people like this, who think only of themselves, know nothing about suffering, and have never developed empathetic feelings. They're so self-involved that they sit in front of their computers and think the rest of the country is waiting for and hanging on their every "clever" word. In the scope of humanity, they aren't worth sh*t.

Today, I was hoping instead to read an impassioned column decrying the continued 'round-the-clock bombing of Afghanistan. Areas of the country are being terrorized. Villagers don't know where to flee. "The camps are empty," wailed one of them, "yet the Americans are dropping the bombs." Another said, "The mountains are shaking." What kind of insane crap is this? What the hell is wrong with this country?

I am 71 years old, a mother of five grown children, and I sit in my house and wring my hands with despair. Why aren't people massing in the streets protesting this insanity?

~ Sonja Coryat, Clearlake, California


Last week I read that Mullah Omar escaped on a motorcycle. Today I read that he further escaped capture on a rickshaw. What next, a skateboard with a gasoline powered engine and big tires to handle the mountainous terrain? Our "intelligence" (I use that term very reluctantly) couldn't prevent the Trade Center Disaster and they can't find the two bogeymen associated with the crime. Isn't it about time to come up with another strategy?

~ PJC, Jersey Shore


Who would have thought that David Horowitz, veteran laptop bombardier and sanguinary hater of all things Islamic, was so ... sensitive (some might say, wimpy)? When Horowitz laments the fact ("In Reply to Scott McConnell") that Pat Buchanan "couldn't find it in himself to make one gesture towards those who felt the sting of his words" I got positively weepy for poor Horowitz, and for the other tenderhearted warmongering neo-conservatives who undoubtedly were also horribly stung by the words of that nasty isolationist Pat Buchanan. How dare that horrible Buchanan, whose personal and familial ties to the American Right only go all the way back to the days of the America First Committee and Westbrook Pegler, fail to be solicitous of the feelings of the newly – some might say, barely – reformed Trotskyites (including Horowitz) who deigned to grace the conservative movement with their esteemed presences under the rubric of "neo-conservatism"?! Prima facie evidence of Buchanan's anti-Semitism, I say!

~ Fred Godinez


How disappointed I was to read David Horowitz's article of January 16 "In Reply to Scott McConnell." For the second time and, despite Scott McConnell's urging, he fails to address the grievances of the Palestinians against the growing and illegal occupation of their land by extreme Zionists bent on ejecting them from all that remains of their homeland. Horowitz's sad but predictable conclusion is to exhort the Bush White House to tell Arafat: "Behave or you are history". Is that it? Can Horowitz do no better than: "I'm good. You're bad. I'm big. You're small. I'm strong. You're weak"? And how does this exhortation work? The entire Arab (and most of the Muslim) world just rolls over and meekly complies with US imperialism until Kingdom come? Does he have any understanding of the fury and rage against the United States that continues to build within the Arab and Muslim worlds? The Founding Fathers warned against the dangers of empire. Yet they would surely never have imagined how great these dangers could be in a world which has the rapidly growing capacity to destroy itself. The Ancient Greeks used to say that the Gods gave people power in order to destroy them. Never was this maxim truer than in the history of empires. And never did an empire have the power that America possesses today. Horowitz would have America ignore the lessons of the past and rush headlong to worship the false idols of hubris and vainglory. Thanks to Antiwar.com Americans are provided with an alternative understanding of their history, its legacy and their responsibility to the future.



I have read ... [Scott McConnell's] open letter to David Horowitz that was posted on Frontpage.com on January 16, 2002. I find the discussion between you and David entertaining, but relevant to what American policy should be regarding the Arab-Israeli conflict. And where should those who call themselves Christians, stand on this? As a Christian who believes the Bible to be the in-errant"Word of God," I know that it is tough to speak to Jewish friends about their relationship with God. Telling someone who is Jewish that Jesus or Y'shua is the Messiah might lose you a friend. But over the legitimacy of the state of Israel and Israel's right to the land the Palestinians claim as their own, there should be no doubt as to where a Christian should stand. In Genesis chapter 12, God promised Abraham a land, a seed and a blessing. The land was then Canaan and God told Abraham, that his descendants who be given this land as an eternal possession. God sealed that promise with a covenant. God then confirmed that covenant again to Abraham's son Isaac, not Ishmael, then to Isaac's son Jacob, who was renamed Israel. And there was another promise that God made to Abraham that you should know, God said to Abraham, "I will bless those who bless you and I will curse those who curse you." ...Historically, people, families and nations that blessed the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob have prospered. Those who have cursed the Jewish people have not. Look what happened to Germany during World War II – and why have Britain and the United States, countries that did not persecute Jews, done well? That is something to think about. As for gentile Christians, the Apostle Paul called us in the book of Galatians the spiritual seed of Abraham through Jesus Christ. So I ask you as a Christian, when God has promised the land of Israel to the Jewish people should we sympathize with a people who have cursed all Jews and promise to drive them into the sea? Or ought we to be praying that these Palestinians come to their senses and realize that you don't succeed in bucking God's agenda? When Jesus returns and crushes the armies of the anti-Christ, he will allot for Israel all of the land that God promised to Abraham, from the river of Egypt to the Euphrates. Significantly more than what constitutes Israel today. As for the Yasser Arafats of the world, read through Matthew 25, when Jesus separates those who mistreated the Jews and those who came to their aid. Those who mistreated the Jews (the least of these my brethren) will be sent to hell. That is no joke. So as a Christian who believes in the Bible, Israel is land that God set aside for the Jews. Given that God has the last word on these things, I think that it does not take rocket science to figure out whose side I am on.

~ Lynn H.

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