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Posted January 23, 2002

Cameron's Reports

I noticed that Carl Cameron's reports are no longer on FreeRepublic (and your article points to freedomofpress). I'm curious; do you know why freerepublic pulled the reports?

~ Radek A.

Eric Garris replies:

Free Republic tells us that Fox contacted them claiming copyright violation, and they pulled it. They (Fox) seem very concerned that no one be able to read the report. It is archived on several smaller websites, including: http://freedomofpress.tripod.com/fox1.html

[Editor's note: Tripod has now also removed the series following complaints from Fox.]

Festival of Paper Tigers

I enjoyed ... [Justin Raimondo's] column, "Manufacturing Dissent." I admit I've been a little baffled by where Chomsky fits in myself. Though I basically agree with him to the extent that the U.S. should have the uprightness to abide by treaties it has signed -- or, I would hasten to add, withdraw from them as we're doing with the ABM treaty. You want to see a festival of "paper tigers"? As I've said before, watch "Davos Comes to New York" in a couple weeks. I'm guessing it'll be a "burning the Reichstag" festival to beat the band! A zillion cops will defend the calm, reasoned globalists against the crazy, out-of-control granola-crunchers, then -- poof! -- the synthesis: kinder, gentler globalism!

~ James G.

'Socialist State'

[Justin Raimondo's] ... column in Pravda ["The Warbloggers"] refers to Israel as a "socialist state." A welfare state? Certainly! Too much government intervention in the economy? Yes! But socialist? Government ownership of the means of production? No inequalities in wealth? Hardly. Indeed, Israel had the highest level of inequality outside the US. There are legitimate debating points one could engage in about Israel. It helps, however, not to let blind malice get in the way of facts.

~ David B.

Valuable Service

Thank you for putting up [Christopher Deliso's report of January 18, "Albanian Hackers Deface Macedonian Website"]. I've been following ... [Dr. Sam Vaknin's] website on Narcissism for about 3 years now. I think Sam has provided such a valuable service to so many, that I've been forwarding all his articles to major/minor newspapers, TV, and our President of the US You are brave to do this, as is Sam.

~ Connie D.


[Regarding Justin Raimondo's column of January 18, "Manufacturing Dissent":]

As a fan of Chomsky's work I feel at least somewhat obliged to put in a few words. He has been a sharp critic of American foreign policy in many ways that you'd appreciate. However, since Sept 11 I think he has lost his way a bit, he seems confused. Maybe it is age...

That Salon article was lousy on his part. Then again, everyone who has accepted the government's story is pretty lousy, including most of you guys! The first job of a critic is to find out the truth. So we continue to drone about Osama when we still don't know what really happened Sept 11, and the evidence honestly points in all directions toward forces in the United States, possibly at the highest levels.

It was odd to hear him lend his support of World War II in such ringing terms given that he is on record in the past casting doubts about the whole affair. Given the results of World War II it is hard to believe he still supports it!

Chomsky still does some good work in spite of his being off the mark at the moment.

~ Dylan S.

Peaceful Bloggers

Liked Justin's piece on warbloggers but it's a bit harsh to say that all the bloggers out there are pro-war. Userland community seem to be pretty rational, peaceful, even liberal types.

~ Ike W.

Socialist-Leaning State

[Regarding Justin Raimondo's column of January 16, "The Warbloggers":]

An opening sentence putting Virginia Postrel, Andrew Sullivan and Ariel Sharon in the same room? Either you guys are finally doing some decent satire or much better drugs than I can find. Virginia Postrel: Sensible shoes-type small-l libertarian. Andrew Sullivan: Log Cabin Republican. Ariel Sharon: That old guy who presides over a mostly socialist-leaning state and likes to invade Lebanon. Sing along from Sesame Street, "One of these things is not like the other..." Thanks for the belly laugh.

~ Stephen G.

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