Russia May Ask Lewinsky for Help

MOSCOW (AP) 12/17/98

Russian legislators agreed Thursday to consider a motion appealing to Monica Lewinsky to help halt the American attack on Iraq.

"The State Duma appeals to Ms. Lewinsky to undertake corresponding measures to restrain the emotions of Bill Clinton,'' said the motion by nationalist lawmaker Alexander Filatov. The motion was approved on a vote in the Duma, the lower chamber of parliament, to be considered for inclusion in a broader resolution denouncing the attack on Iraq.

The attack by the United States and Britain on Iraq was condemned by almost all major political groups in Russia. The Communists, the largest party in the Duma, also mentioned Clinton and his relationship with the former White House intern.

"Many people link it with Clinton's impeachment and his intimate relations with a certain person, but if these relations develop into such acts of vandalism, than all of U.S. democracy is worth a penny,'' Communist leader Gennady Zyuganov told a Duma debate on the Iraqi crisis.